Monthly Archives: September 2014

Can we make a promise?

Well, can we? There are some who do ‘waterfall’ (well, to be fair, something very roughly like the waterfall that Dr. Royce defined in 1970), and some of them seem to believe that we know enough early on, and change will be small enough for the rest of the effort, that we can promise a […]

Is Scrum about spirit?

I hear people talk about Scrum quite a bit.  And I talk about Scrum.  Usually we are talking about the basics of Scrum, which sometimes seem so mundane.  Get a Team, make them a real Team, do the SM role well, do the PO role well, have some better meetings, build some artifacts, etc, etc. […]

Impediments – Charlotte Sept 2014

The following impediments were identified: Egos No proper test environment Bad data Process failure external market Lack of coordination Unrealistic timeframe Change Mgmt Org changes Changes in technology Budget Customer communication (lack of) Too many defects Waterfall “hangover” No accountability Management interference Bad product owner Lack of structure Lack timeline Ru out of money Unclear […]