Monthly Archives: February 2020

How to get a Full-Time SM?

Most ScrumMasters should be full-time!  (Well, ok, if you are already hyper-productive (5x-10x) AND you can stay that high with a 50% SM, god bless you, then do that!  Otherwise, it pays to have a full-time SM helping the Team get better — if you actually get better, and you can.) Below is the slide […]


Do people have the right to be themselves? Do people have the right to tell the truth? Can people be themselves? At work? *** Some people seem to believe that they give up their freedom as soon as they walk in the door of the company. Perhaps many many people believe this, to a notable […]

Information for the Survey (Feb 2020)

New Courses: Scrum Alliance has announced the Adv CSM course.  We offer the Adv CSM now, and others later.  See: New Workshops: We have several new workshops, especially the Team Level-Up workshop! As a quick summary of our courses and workshops (we can send you more easily), see here: You may need to […]

Course Information for SurveyMonkey (Feb 2020)

Intro This is background information for the public survey. You can take our survey here (Survey Monkey). The key purpose of the survey is to serve you better. The needs of the larger group of our contacts are diverse. Some want courses, some need workshops. Some people are looking as individuals, and some are looking […]