Monthly Archives: March 2020

Laws of physics – Stephen Hawking

“No matter how many times the result of experiments agree with the theory, you can never be sure that the next time the result will not contradict the theory.” This was posted on LinkedIn as a quote from Stephen Hawking. I have not confirmed that.  I have guessed that Hawking said that about the “laws” […]

Scrum Resources I recommend.

There are many Scrum and Agile resources.  What do you need now? I have written one, which is called “A Scrum Introduction”.  Look under “resources” on Here’s one, also listed under Resources, that I strongly recommend today.  Scrum at its core is a collection of Patterns.  So, it is in that way part of […]

Managers and Team Members: Transparency Needed NOW

With the current state of the Coronavirus and responses to it, most knowledge workers are WFH. Prior to this, many managers could see most of the state of things just by walking around the office and talking to people.  Information and status were fairly visible. (Yes, Agile/Scrum could make things even more visible, but even […]

Wooden’s Pyramid of Success

Mike Cohn has a wonderful weekly newsletter with advice.  Strong urge you subscribe.  See: (under the “More” option). Mike was talking about John Wooden and his UCLA basketball teams.  (And I miss March Madness this year!!) Mike also mentioned Wooden’s fairly famous (to us who know his) Pyramid of Success. Here:     […]

Announcement: Scrum Alliance allows Online Courses

Scrum Alliance announced that it will allow, for some period of time, for virtual / online courses.  This is due to the Coronavirus. We have our first virtual course next week, that is March 17-19. And the second course on March 24-26. Our expectation is to do every course for the next two months as […]