Monthly Archives: April 2020

Renewing your certification / Furthering your education

I am re-posting this, as I have new information. 1. Introduction You may want to skip to sections 4 and 5 below. 2. Why is this important? Learning so that you can act better or more effectively is good. Acting better or more effectively is definitely good! First, can knowledge decay?  Yes. Is it possible […]

Scrum and Leadership

Many of the readers know Scrum. Scrum is a bare framework, but it does talk a bit about leadership. Some examples regarding leadership: 1. The Product Owner (PO) is the final prioritizer of the Product Backlog By this I mean that anyone (Team member or business stakeholder or customer, etc) can have an opinion, and […]

Working Remotely – Essay 1

Everyone is talking about this topic. I will too now.  My focus is somewhat different.  I have two aims, mostly. 1. Help you (me) become better doing to get work done well. 2. Help the Team work remotely, together. *** What is our goal? I think our goal or ambition is to be able to […]

The Crisis and Agile:  What is it? — What do we do?

This is a talk or group discussion I want to have soon.  See what you think. My goals are two: To help in general, and to help get us all get back to work, which I think is very valuable about now.  (Reasonably safely, of course.)  But we have several impediments. You see above the […]