Agile Carolinas: Scrum and Lean UX – How to learn faster

This will be the Agile Carolinas meeting for August 26, 2021 – at 5pm.

It will be online.


Scrum is fairly agnostic as to how you develop “requirements”, which might be phrased as the details.

Similarly, Scrum is agnostic about design and architecture, and how many levels of design you might have.

Lean UX (or the group of people who advocate for that) borrows from Lean.  And suggest that if we rapidly iterate prototypes with the end user, we can end up with what they “really” want, deliver it faster, and end up with higher customer satisfaction, and thus more business value.

Let’s talk about this.

Maybe in these 7 parts.

  1. What is Lean?  What is the concept of a value stream map?
  2. What is Lean UX?
  3. Where do Scrum and the DOR fit in?
  4. How does Lean UX relate to Lean Start-up (Eric Ries)?
  5. What is the promise of Lean UX?  What’s needed to fulfill that?
  6. Can or how can Lean UX fit with Scrum?
  7. What are the gotchas with Lean UX?  (If any)

So, come and join us for a good discussion.

For those who want it, here’s a (maybe biased) intro to Lean UX:

What Is Lean UX? A Complete Beginner’s Guide

See you there!


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