New “Refresher” course policy

We are introducing a new policy.

For a very low fee, you can take ANY course again.


  • It must be a course or workshop you have taken before (eg, per Scrum Alliance).  And that we give
  • Any instructor.  You could have taken the original course with any instructor.
  • You must have completed the original course. That means for certification courses, that you became (are) certified per Scrum Alliance.
  • Your certification might be expired right now, per Scrum Alliance.  That is not a problem. Taking any Scrum Alliance certification course under this refresher policy will renew it or them.
  • You may “refresh” my workshops in a similar way
  • Space for refreshers is limited in each class.  Just ask

Note: We reserve the right to clarify or change the rules later. More likely to apply to special situations.


  • Renew Scrum Alliance certification
  • Learn more
  • Join with colleagues learning the first time
  • Refresh your knowledge (AKA Get out of bad habits and try to do Scrum professionally now)


  1. Time and many factors have torn away at the knowledge you once had.
  2. You want to see how well a colleague(s) will learn Scrum initially.  Makes it easier to be their ScrumMaster
  3. You want to renew your Scrum Alliance certification
  4. You want to do Scrum more professionally, more completely, to get higher value for you, your Team, your company, and your customers.


  • $100 per “day” for the online course course or workshop. (A “day” is about 8 learning hours.)  So, for the CSM or CSPO, that’s a total of $200. For the Adv-CSM, that’s $300 (if you took the course with me) or $500 if you took the A-CSM with another instructor.
  • Plus, to renew your certification itself, another $50 for the Scrum Alliance fee.

Note: Pricing will be different for in-person courses.  Please ask.

Renewing Certification

  1. Per Scrum Alliance, if you re-take any SA certification course via a CST, that will renew ALL your certifications for 2 years from that date.*
  2. You do NOT have to re-take the CSM Test to renew.
  3. You must “pass” the new course. All that I require is that you are paying attention and actively involved for almost all the 16 hours of the CSM or CSPO (or the equivalent for the A-CSM).
  4. Scrum Alliance charges a $50 fee (the CST must pay it).  That fee extends your membership in Scrum Alliance for another 2 years.
  5. Your current certification at Scrum Alliance may be expired now. Nonetheless, by taking and passing the course again, all certifications will be “renewed” and the new expiration date will be 2 years from “now”.

*Note: Taking or re-taking a workshop will NOT renew a SA certification course(s).

Please contact us if you have questions.


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