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If you wait for perfection….

If you wait for perfection, you might wait too long. There are some similar quotes, but so far as I know, this quote is mine. As the father, I kind of like it. But most parents love their own children. (If I am not the father, tell me now.) This applies to all of life. […]

Do Scrum and Kool-Aid go together?

Occasionally I hear the complaint, “Oh, you [scrum, agile, lean, x] guys have drunk the Kool-Aid. You don’t care how reality intrudes, you’re just going to propose your [x] solutions.” What does this person mean? He or she might mean, “Completely on faith, without any support of reason and facts, you are a strong advocate […]

Spontaneous Order

I will not remember this well (knowledge decay), but there is a great quote from Fujio Cho (now Chairman of Toyota) at the beginning of Liker’s The Toyota Way. Something like: “There are many things you do not understand, and therefore we ask, ‘Why don’t you just go ahead and take action? Try to do […]

Thinking for Yourself

Here is a great blog post by Kenji Hiranabe about why thinking for yourself in your specific context is important in Lean. In the picture to the right is Mr. Satoshi Kuroiwa, the chairman of the Association for Support for Economic Sustainable Development in Japan.     


I have been noticing the contradictions in Agile and Scrum lately. Jeff Sutherland recently did a post about persuasion. The latest post might be summarized as: “To persuade you must be confident and humble.” I guess no contradictions there, but he does talk about contradictions elsewhere. And this quote has been bouncing inside my head […]

The Nokia Test (2): Working Software

The second line in the Nokia Test says: Software must be tested and working by the end of each iteration. This is the second of three items that confirms the team (project) is “iterative.” There is a series of small tests (within the Nokia Test) if the team is really doing Scrum (in Nokia’s opinion). […]

The Agile Recipe; on second thought…No recipe.

I have been asked recently to provide a recipe for how to do Agile. I am sympathetic with this request, but I feel it misses an important point. First, why am I sympathetic? Well, because I look at Agile as an art form, like playing the violin or learning Hapkido (Korean version of Aikido). It […]