Agile Managers Workshop
Dates: Oct 21, 2021
Location: Online:
Course Location:
2 - 5:30 p.m. EDT

Agile Managers Workshop

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This is an online workshop.

Time: 2 – 5:30 p.m. EDT

Via: Zoom

Here is a quick summary of the Agile Managers workshop. (We also have “intro” webinars to discuss and explain more.)

Goal:  To help you become a better Agile manager, to help you in your career, and to enable you as a leader to improve the lives of the people you work with.

Some quick points:

  1. We want 10 to 18 Agile managers or executives in the workshop.
  2. This is for managers of different types. People managing, say, four Agile teams (a.k.a. front-line managers), and people managing 20-50 Agile teams (a.k.a. senior managers or CEOs of small firms) for example.
  3. We will accept a few experienced Agile coaches who want to become Agile managers.
  4. KEY: Learn from each other by helping one another. We will help each other in many ways. In exercises, in discussions, in role plays, etc. We will try to make these as real life as possible (yes, you can change the names to protect the innocent).
  5. There will be some role-playing, but with realistic situations, often brought to the workshop by the participants. This will not include “hard” role-playing (if you have seen what I mean).
  6. We will typically have three main topics.
  7. Timing will be 3.5 hours — about an hour for each topic, and some social time.
  8. The leader’s role is to organize the workshop and you all, set the stage, curate and add opinions. A lot of value is in getting to know, and in working with, the other participants.
  9. We expect to add an outside coach to each session, who will add his or her own content, topics, and energy.
  10. Price: For now, online, $200 per session. We expect to have a session every other month.

The session will be challenging in some ways, and we ask you to be as honest as you can with your peers. We hope this will become a stable group and trust will increase within the group.

To the degree possible, we will allow the participants to help choose the content or topics.

Some sample topics:

  1. How do we define the role of the Agile Manager?
  2. How to start an Agile Transformation effort (better)
  3. If the teams are self-managing, what does a manager do?
  4. What are some organizational patterns regarding managers?
  5. Let’s discuss our problems today with scaling? (i.e., 3+ teams working together on one project)
  6. How do we engage the business (more)?
  7. Looking at broader organizational patterns, how do we “structure” Agile in the organization?  What do we start / go to next?

Topics will vary each session.

You can register on this page now.  Please also complete short application. If you are not accepted (more likely, not accepted for this specific session), we will discuss this, and we will refund your money if you want.  You can also apply first and pay once accepted.

Learning and Evolution

We expect this workshop to evolve.  We especially expect that topics to vary, session to session.  We are also open to your ideas and feedback about how this workshop might evolve or be presented.  Please do give us feedback or suggestions, now or at any time.

You can also contact us at with questions.

We want a good cohort that everyone can learn from, and somewhat balanced.

Discussion Leader

Joe Little is an Agile-Scrum Trainer (CST) and coach. He has been delivering courses and webinars for years, and now delivers many courses and workshops online, including the CSM, CSPO, and A-CSM courses and the ARP workshops. Find more information here.

Please note: We expect to invite other session leaders from time to time.  And specifically for this session.

Please register on this page. See the Register button above right.  Contact us if you have any questions.