Agile Release Planning Workshop (H)
Dates: Aug 03 - 04, 2023
Location: Online (EDT)
Course Location:
Online Course
(video conference)
Early Bird (ARP): $450.00 (Reg. $500.00)
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Agile Release Planning Workshop (H)


It will be available to the first 20 people from anywhere.
The course will run from 8:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. ET (USA).

Our Agile Release Planning Workshop is standalone. Upon completion, you will receive a Certificate in Agile Release Planning from LeanAgileTraining.


The ARP Workshop 

The workshop is based on our book, Agile Release Planning, which you may obtain here.  Agile Release Planning and the ideas and practices around it are also explained more on this website (e.g., on the blog).

Our workshop enables you to take real work and do Agile Release Planning with it. The workshop takes the real work of the identified Product Owner at each table, and the Team at that table does the Agile Release Planning for that work.

This is an excellent way to take the ideas of the CSM Course and make them practical, build the initial Product Backlog and get you and your team ready to start on Monday.

The workshop covers two main topics:

  • Agile Release Planning (occupies most of the time)
  • Release Plan Refactoring (AKA Product Backlog grooming and Product Backlog refinement)


What You Get

Main Benefits:

  • Working with a (real) team on real work is an excellent way to start using Scrum.
  • Attendees gain confidence that “I can really do this.”
  • The workshop brings out each person’s real issues and concerns.
  • The participants find that some concerns turn out to be insubstantial, they dissipate and then we address the other concerns.
  • You are prepared to really start Scrum “on Monday.” For example, you now have a decent Product Backlog.


Other Benefits:

  • You earn 8 SEUs toward Scrum Alliance requirements.
  • You earn 8 PDUs toward your PMI requirements.
  • You will receive a free copy of Joe’s book on Agile Release Planning.


Joseph Little | Agile Scrum Master Certification Charlotte

Meet Your Trainer

Joe Little has 14+ years of experience as an Agile coach and CST and will lead this course. He has co-trained eight times with Jeff Sutherland (one of the co-creators of Scrum) which will give you more “real Scrum” when taking this course.

Joe has an MBA and 20+ years of senior level Big 6 and related consulting experience. He also has in-depth practical experience in helping teams become very productive with Scrum and Agile. He often co-teaches these courses with other great Scrum trainers. Take a look at Joe’s blog.


Who Should Attend?

  • Anyone!
  • It’s best to bring the whole Scrum Team and the related Business Stakeholders.
  • But others interested in Agile estimating and planning should also attend.


If you are “by yourself” we will form teams at each table.

If you take the workshop standalone and bring a Team, we recommend that at least one person from your group has taken either our CSM, CSPO or A-CSM course.




  1. You should have taken a CSM, CSPO or Adv-CSM course.  Preferrably with Joe Little, or
  2. You have read most of Joe Little’s book on Agile Release Planning (or are coming with a colleague who has attended our course).


Registration and Fees

  • You may receive better pricing if you take the workshop in conjunction with a CSM, CSPO or A-CSM course.
  • There is an 8% discount for members of a local Agile, PMI or similar group. Contact us for the code.
  • In addition, there is a 3% discount off the net due if you pay with cash (e.g., at the beginning of the course). To secure this discount, you must pay a non-refundable $100 deposit in advance. Normally this is just a partial prepayment.  Contact for details.
  • These are the short explanations for these pricing rules. If you have questions, please contact us. These rules are not fully automated.  We might contact you after you register to make an adjustment.
  • Payment methods include credit card, USD check, money transfer, PayPal, over-the-phone (CC), cash, etc. All payments should be received before the course starts.
  • Invoices and receipts are possible.
  • Contact us for further details or see here.


Policy for Changes and Refunds

If for any reason you cannot make a course, you may send another person in your place for free (no additional fee). You must identify that person before the course starts.

Fees or extra costs are more likely if you need to cancel within 16 days of the course start. Click here for more information regarding changes and refunds.