WEBINAR (free): 7 More Scrum Patterns
Dates: Oct 01, 2021
Location: Webinar: Zoom.us
Course Location:
1:30 - 2:30 p.m. EDT

WEBINAR (free): 7 More Scrum Patterns

Agile Managers Workshop Lean Agile Training

As you know, the idea of patterns has been around for a long time. And became more popular after architect Christopher Alexander wrote the book, “A Pattern Language.” Fairly recently, Jeff Sutherland, James Coplien et al wrote, “A Scrum Book.”  That has 94 patterns, a pattern language for Agile-Scrum.

We will select 7 patterns to discuss together. We will present each pattern, and then we can share ideas about each one. We will also provide a short intro to patterns.

If you have a pattern you would particularly like to discuss, please tell us. You might influence our selection. See: ScrumPLOP.org. Or, read (part of) “A Scrum Book.”

Please join us to discuss.