Don’t Blame Scrum for Helping You See

Today I completed a CSM course & Workshop in Charlotte.

I forgot to tell the attendees one thing.

One of the major purposes of Scrum is to enable the Team to see its problems better.  Seeing problems (impediments) better, the Team and firm will take more action to fix the top impediment (well, over time, the top ones).

It is painful to see some of the impediments.  In the former days, we could pretend we were better than we really are.  Also, some of the problems seem stupid, once seen.

Some people want to blame Scrum for the problems.  The Team is dysfunctional, or not really a Team.  People won’t agree.  We don’t have enough automated testing, too much technical debt. The product owner is not conveying good requirements or, whatever the key problems may be.

They want to blame Scrum for causing these problems.

These problems are often hard to fix. People are involved. They are stubborn.  It is trouble.

But they need to remember that it is easier to fix problems if you can see them.  And that Scrum did not cause the problems; Scrum, in fact, is helping you see the problems, so that you can incrementally dig out of the problems, a little bit at a time.



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