Public Impediment List – Again

I wrote the following post to a Scrum group. Perhaps you will find it interesting. It is lightly edited. And it is in response to another person’s post. *** Let’s talk about the impediment list more. Along the way I will mention some of the problems I see in real life. I find that most […]

What cocktail parties teach us

The title above is the title of an article today in the Wall Street Journal.  The subhead is: “Brain Is Wired to Focus on Just One Thing; Which Tasks Are Easier to Combine” It’s all about how we humans are built to focus. Multitasking is, well, inhuman.  A few monkeys can pretend to multitask, but […]

Release Planning: Vision

[This is one in a series on Release Planning.  The series starts here.] This is the first of several posts on my suggestions for the details of doing better agile Release Planning. The first step is Vision.  We define the vision, and make sure that all the right people see the same vision and “agree […]

Minimum Definition of ‘Agile’: Scrum-Butt Test

First, let’s assume that we believe that our firm needs a good agile transformation to achieve important business goals. Perhaps these goals are: (a) faster time to market, (b) more creativity in the product, and (c) greater productivity.  (In any case, not ‘Agile’ for agile’s sake.) One method to achieve more success from the agile […]

Why add a Workshop Day to the CSM course?

Apparently I am one of the few Scrum Alliance CSTs (Certified Scrum Trainers) who always adds a Workshop day (or 2) to the CSM (Certified ScrumMaster) course. Why do I add the workshop day? The simple reason is because the attendees demand it. Honestly, before they have taken the course the attendees don’t really know […]

Who should fix Impediments?

In the Certified ScrumMasters LinkedIn group, Michael asked: Who should fix impediments, the SM or the Team? His answer was: Both. And then he discussed.  This topic has drawn a fair number of comments.  Here is one of mine. *** 1. Michael is right. Who should fix the impediments and how much the Team should […]

More on: The Product Owner and the Team

There has been some interesting discussion on this topic recently.  Two things I wanted to add to my prior post. 1. The business side cannot force the Doers to “do all that I say” in the Sprint. This is of course a well-known rule of Scrum. But this rule does not eject the PO from […]

Why an Intermediate CSPO (Product Owner) course?

I am about to do an Intermediate Certified Scrum Product Owner course in Orlando.  Feb 21-22.  Followed by a Business Value Engineering workshop. Feb 23-24. In this post I want to talk about why the Intermediate CSPO is important and how it is different. First, our finding is that the Team is important. Any focus […]

Committing for the Sprint

This is, to me, still a New Year.  A friend suggested I discuss New Years’ resolutions.  Or something like them, Sprint commitments. Henry Ford said: Whether you think you can or you can’t, you are usually right.  So, let us work backwards. To me, in most business situations, the main thing is satisfying the customer. […]

Product Owner & the Team

Is the product owner a member of the team?  Yes, fully and completely. What is the biggest problem that most teams face? At the high level (value) or the low level (details), they don’t understand what the customer wants well enough. Who is mainly responsible for managing the flow of this ‘business information’ into the […]