AC: What’s our Agile org approach?

The next Agile Carolinas session.

Question: How should the organization be structured around the agile teams?

This will be a 2-hour Agile Carolinas session.

  1. What do we mean by “Agile org”?  What are the relevant values and principles?
  2. What should it look like?  (Draw me a picture.)
  3. How would we implement it?  (Not easy, but a start…)

So, three “rounds” and group discussion after each round.

This is a potentially huge subject.

People may want to restrict themselves to:

  • The Teams in a smallish firm or department (say 60-150 people).
  • How the management works, or is structured
  • How the Teams get access to “chickens”
  • Other basic structure or processes (outside the Teams) (that you consider essential)

For example, where are the people nearby who support the Teams?  What about assorted chickens or “chicken” groups (eg, DBAs, architects, DEV/OPS units)?  Where do the business side folks fit in? (SMEs, Business Stakeholders, etc.)

Some might want to start on the budgeting process.

Approach: Open Space

Date: November 19, 2020.  5:30 -7:30 pm EST




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