Attendees’ Comments

Attendees give us positive comments all the time about our Lean-Agile-Scrum courses and our workshops. Here is a selection over time of comments that stand out or give a different perspective.


“Hi Joe. It was a great few days of learning. I did have some good take-away. Very practical approach. Thanks for the book.” Antoinette, CSM ONLINE, October 2020

“Thank you for such an engaging and positive ScrumMaster training experience. I can’t wait to put my new knowledge to good use. Casey, CSM ONLINE, October 2020

“Joseph Little has an infectious enthusiasm that made the class interesting; I like that he punctuated much of the learning with song or interesting book titles and quotes. he made the group of disparate participants feel like one single group.–exactly what we need to do with scrum.”  Elisa, CSPO ONLINE, November 2020

“Hurray!! It is official. Thank you Joe so much for a great learning experience. You make it so natural. well worth every minute. Wanted to let you know I passed the test on first attempt with a 90% score. Thank you so much and enjoy the long weekend!” Sam, CSM ONLINE, February 2021

“Hi Joe. Thank you for all the sharing last week. It was a really good experience and an eye opener on how we can start working toward the improvement using agile / scrum. Thank you also for sharing all the resources.” Vivian, CSPO ONLINE, April 2021

“It was an absolute pleasure learning under you. You are probably one of the most engaging and captivating instructors I know. Which means I learned a whole heck of a lot!! I can’t wait to start implementing these thoughts and practices with my team. We will be near perfect! Well . . . as I wise man once told me… if we wait around for perfection we might wait too long. Again, thank you!” Dakota, CSM ONLINE, May 2021

“I enjoyed the training, all three days. Joe is so knowledgeable, and his delivery is fantastic.” Vojkan, CSM ONLINE Toronto, September 2021

“Thank you for an awesome 3 day of training and growth. It was an invaluable exercise.” CSM ONLINE, December 2021

“It was great learning from you and I will definitely recommend this course to others. I look forward to receiving an A-CSM certification.” Palak, ACSM ONLINE, May 2022

“Thank you for the excellent Agile Scrum training. The course filled in many gaps in my comprehension of Scrum. I look forward to sitting for my CSM test and eventually bolstering your success stats.” Scott, CSM, June 2022

“After an amazing time learning the Scrum Framework and its adoption from Joe Little, I’m very happy to be a Certified…” Pable, CSM, In-Person Charlotte, July 2022

“I really appreciate the expertise you brought and yet the humble/down-to-earth mannerism you displayed with all of us. It was clearly akin to a high quality 7-course meal at a 5-star restaurant. [Our team] literally needs time to digest all of this and [we] will effect learnings from this work!” —Rick, Team Level Up Workshop Online, July 2020

“Just wanted to let you know I passed my exam with a 98%! Missed a softball question, but that’s OK. I really enjoyed your class, and I especially enjoyed your ability to maintain high energy throughout the course. I know it’s tough instructing through webinar, but you by far are the best instructor I’ve seen deliver a webinar.” —Danielle, CSM Online, May 2020

“Whoa! I just passed my Scrum Master Certification test!  Not too hard. Joe prepared us very well. Thanks again Joe.” —Tony, CSM Online, April 2020

“Thank you so much Joe and your team for the great training over the past three days, and the shared CSPO course materials and links to more reading sources. We will ponder over the weekend on the CSPO course, what we have learned, how to apply swiftly into practice our new skills, and look further to new learnings. We will add shortly the CSPO designation to our names, which is one of the most prestigious and desired designations at this time! Thank you for helping us to reach it!” —Luiza, CSPO Toronto (Online), March 2020

“Great training! I will highly recommend!” —Andrew, CSM Halifax, 2020

“Thanks for the thoroughness!” —Brad, CSM Halifax, 2020

“Many thanks, Joe, for teaching and guiding me. Over the three days with pun intended I can happily say little by little did I learn a lot.’ I’m also thankful to Isabelle, Mukund, and Ameya for enriching my learning with your wonderful engagement, and to your wonderful team for coordinating this ( Kathy and Cassandra).” —Gautam, Advanced CSM Montreal, January 2020

“I just finished up the testing for our recent class with no problem. I think you are a fantastic trainer and would love to stay in contact.” —David, CSM Charlotte, November 2019

“I just finished up the testing for our recent class with no problem. I think you are a fantastic trainer and would love to stay in contact.” —David, CSM Charlotte, November 2019

“Thank you very much for the training and all the great information provided! I have passed the exam and am now beginning my journey as a Certified Scrum Master. This is very exciting!” —Celcia, CSM Montreal, October 2019

“Very interactive, real life examples, fun and the whole team is very much involved. Great experience.” —Ravi, CSM Charlotte, September 2019

“Thank you so much for your expertise and energy in the A-CSM course. I look forward to implementing a number of the exercises and techniques you covered within my team.”  —Adria, A-CSM Toronto, May 2019

“I passed on the first try, Joe. Thank you again for your expertise and approach in teaching Scrum!” —Travis, CSM Atlanta, May 2019

“I just wanted to pass along a big ‘THANK YOU!’ for the way you all worked with me on attending this class when I was unable to attend in February. This was a great class and while I am sorry to not have attended with my CFP coworkers I believe things work out for the best, and this was just another example! The teaching, the content, the interactive nature of the sessions — even the food — was wonderful! Thank you again for working with me to make this happen!” —Barbara, CSM Charlotte, March 2019

“Even though my CSM training was over 4 years ago and I’ve since moved into an operational leadership role, I still distinctly remember much of my training with Joe and apply many of the principles and lessons on a daily basis, including my team standup every morning and our planning cycles. With the training that our project/product support team will be receiving from you, we plan to scale this to our entire department to cover all aspects of our projects and operations. I’m so pleased that they are going to be engaging in the training!” —Jim, CSM Charlotte 

“This was definitely one of the good classes I ever took. It was great to meet all other training-mates and was definitely fun,” —Srinath, Advanced -CSM Charlotte January 2019

“Thanks a million for the course and all the additional material. It is all very useful and will hopefully allow me to pursue Scrum in my career.” —Brenda, CSM Montreal, January 2019

“I just wanted to let you know I passed the CSM test. Thanks again for being such a great teacher!” —Cristal, CSM Charlotte, November 2018

“Very much enjoyed the class!! No, I was not day dreaming at times about standing in the suds fishing, but I was really digesting what you were saying and reflecting back on my own work place situations that they related to.  I’m going to plan a restrospective as soon as I get back to review the project that we just implemented. (Lessons Learned). I also want to make sure my friend who paves the road map knows how I was blindsided in our first meeting with the business and the PO.Thanks again for an awesome class.” —Richard, CSM Charlotte, November 2018

“Joe was very knowledgeable and passionate about the topic! Thanks for the class!” —Jan, In-House CSM, October 2018

“Well done!”  —George, In-House CSM, October 2018

“Thank you, Joe. And great class!” —Fran, CSM In-House Course, October 2018

“Great class; very intensive and worth the time/money.” —Meghan, CSM Charlotte, October 2018

“I wanted to tell you that I thought you did an awesome job teaching the course, I really like your teaching method. You made me feel very comfortable and relaxed.” —Florrie, CSM Halifax, October 2018

“Wanted to say thanks again for a great class. So glad I stayed for Agile Release Planning on day 3! I passed 35 out of 35! Your methods along with the materials clearly helped solidify this knowledge for me! Couldn’t have done it without your class!” —Jennifer, CSM Charlotte, September 2018

“Thank you very much for the wonderful session we had in Toronto last week. It really helped me to sharpen my knowledge. The best thing I would like to point out from your session is that it’s such a funny learning experience and the students really enjoyed it. Looking to be in your sessions in the future.” —Ambadi, CSM Toronto, September 2018

“Great two days of training!” —Lucas, CSM, August 2018

“Your excellent teaching skills during the Scrum course has helped me a lot. I did the exam yesterday and I passed it from the first time answering 32 correct answers. Once again thank you, and now is the time to get prepared for the advanced course.” —Hassan, CSM Montreal, August 2018

“I have successfully completed the CSM exam and got all the answers right. I’m really excited and I appreciate your guidance in the past few days. It is very nice to meet with you and hope I can attend other advanced-level classes with you in the future.” —Ren, CSM Toronto, August 2018

“Thanks for teaching the class! Your lengthy experience, quick witted instructional style and endless supply of quotes made the class quite fun and informative.” —Jeremy, Nashville CSM, June 2018

“Joe, you were an outstanding instructor; you are the most valuable resource for Scrum I have had.” —Robert, Atlanta CSM, May 2018

“Joe — thanks for your help. You are a fantastic trainer/coach. I passed — 33 out of 35!” —Hal, Charlotte CSM, May 2018

“Thank you so much again, for the powerful course, the amazing wealth of information and the exceptional, original and fun delivery!” —Luiza, Toronto A-CSM, May 2018

“I am a huge fan of Joe and his work and wish him the very best.” —Eric, survey respondent

“Amazing course — fun and interactive.” —Julianna, Charlotte In-House Course, April 2018

“Joe is very engaging and interesting — great teacher.” —Lisa, Albany CSM, March 2018

“Thank you! I learned so much but my head didn’t explode and it was fun!” —Lauren, Albany CSM, March 2018

“Thanks Joe for the training opportunity! Our team benefited from many of the concepts and will be able to utilize these teachings to streamline our approach. Thanks again.” —Caleb, Bentonville, February 2018

“I thank you once more for delivering a motivating course which was a real pleasure to attend. I have taken the opportunity to complete certification, aggregate all of the course materials, and pick up a copy of your book as well. Thanks for all that. ‘Give a Man a Fish, and You Feed Him for a Day. Teach a Man To Fish, and You Feed Him for a Lifetime…’ Certainly feeling as the recipient of the latter, I’m eager to apply my new tools and understanding in daily practice.” Jared, Montreal CSPO, February 2018

“I wanted to email you and say thanks again for the great training you provided to Craig and Jeff. With them riding the momentum of training hopefully we can move from ‘Scrum Butt’ to actual ‘Scrum.’ Also, Jeff shared the amount of empathy for everything that I have been trying to change since my original training a couple of years ago. I can tell you that you had a great influence on him in just a few days, and I’m even more excited about what the future will bring for us.” —Tony, Montreal CSPO, February 2018

“I associate it with you mostly because I found your teaching style very good (for me). The humor, and the metaphors used in 2013 stuck with me. I know some of my old colleagues who are still friends took your class at General Dynamics not long ago. They agreed with me that you were a highly effective teacher. So, Scrum is a drug, and you are the pusher, or Scrum is a virus and you are (at least our) patient zero.” Aaron, 2018

“Thank you Joe. I really enjoyed the course. Thanks for making it interesting!” —Scott, Charlotte January 2018

“10/10 I would recommend this course to anyone. Just incredible. Thank you so much. You are living in your giftedness and it was a blessing on our lives.” Nathan, Charlotte December 2017

“Thanks again for the terrific Agile course. I learned a lot and am eager to write the CSM exam before forgetting everything. Thanks!” — Gabe, Toronto 2017

“Thanks for knowledge transfer and delivering the quality workshop. It has definitely helped me to build basic understanding of the Scrum. I am very positive and looking forward towards my CSM certification.” — Khurram, Toronto 2017

“I passed, Joe!!!! Thank you so much for the excellent training.” — Marla, Charlotte 2017

“Joe’s course was great. I took both the two-day course and the third day workshop.” — Carol, 2017

“Joe, thank you so much for this training. I really enjoyed it, and as I had anticipated I learned a lot from you also in the way you approached instructing us. Many things you did were highly effective and in my own way I will seek to imitate some of them.”

“I’ve just discovered another potential use for Agile Release Planning and Scrum in my world: a research project that started last year, but needs to be making major headway starting in a couple of weeks. I really benefited from all of you fully participating and sharing what you know and asking your questions. Your experiences are so different than mine that I feel I got the biggest benefit of anyone. I spent a lot of effort to be able to attend the training with you; I had very high expectations of the experience. Thanks to all of you, those expectations were met and exceeded! Here’s wishing everyone the best as you implement what we all learned together.” — Kay, Montreal 2017

“Thank you very much for the knowledge workshop that we had with your guidance. I am pleased to say that I got passed in the examination. Looking forward to meet you all if either time grants the permission or during another certificate update training.” — B., Toronto 2017

“Thank you, Joe for explaining the concepts in a nice and engaging way. Though the sessions were quite long, it didn’t feel like that due to the way in which you kept us all engaged and entertained. Thanks also to all the participants who gave their own perspectives in the class and ensured we all learned from each other — like a real Scrum Team.” — Srini, Toronto 2017

“Instructor was awesome, privileged to be a student of Joe.” — Jagadesh, Charlotte 2017

“Joe is an extraordinary trainer that made the learning fun!” — Madhulita, Charlotte 2017

“If you’ve never attended one of Joe Little’s training classes, you’re missing out. This CSM training course is an action-packed 2-3 days of hands-on training in multiple mock Scrum sessions. He does a masterful job of pulling together teams and mentoring you on how to make your projects more Lean and Agile.” — Brent, Charlotte 2017

“I loved the practical Yogi references. You kept the rooms’ attention and kept the conversation enjoyable, and I’m a big Yogi fan. I highly suggest a stop at his museum on the Campus of Montclair. I also really enjoyed the hands on part of the training. What we fought through on the second day of training (PV, PB, SP) was more comfortable and logical on the third day.” — Dan, Charlotte 2017

“Great meeting you all as well! I enjoyed the class and learned a lot! Thanks Joe for your fun creative ways of teaching (and singing).” — Katherine, NYC 2017

“Thanks so much for all the knowledge and materials. I had a great time and learned so much from you. Hope we cross paths again in the future.” — Steven, NYC 2017

“Thank you for the great classes. I completed the certification over the weekend, now looking forward to implement the learning in my work.” — Nisha, Charlotte 2017

“Great course! Lots of information. At times [it’s] too much to retain. ARP workshop is the best.” — Shane, Charlotte 2017

“It was great! Best, most practical course I’ve taken in a while!” — Izabela, Chapel Hill 2016

“Thanks again for the awesome course! FYI — I passed the CSM test on my first attempt with 100% of the answers correct!” — John, Charlotte 2016

“I’ve been highly recommending you since I took your course in Halifax 2-3 years ago. I had two from my team take the course in Halifax in January this year and they agree!” — Mike, Halifax 2016

“I cannot express how valuable this training was for me.  I have already implemented five of the best practices you outlined during the class. And in only three days it has already started working. Before I was trained I would have to begrudgingly ‘drag’ the developers away from their desk for, admittedly, less than engaging grooming sessions. However on Friday, one developer asked if we could start recording grooming sessions for vacationing teammates because with the new format so much valuable information is exchanged everyone should have the opportunity to hear the discussion first hand.  WOW!  Who knew the process of planning is more important than the plan itself?”  — Katie, Charlotte 2016

Again thank you so much for the great training. Now, Scrum rules are clearer to me and I learned so many things. Your exercise of Agile Release Planning was awesome as well as the whole training!Ghania, February 2016

“Thank you Joe and Cassandra for teaching and organizing the class. It was a great experience and opened my eyes to a lot of new, interesting and effective techniques.  I did the exam this morning and passed so I am now a fully certified Scrum Master.  Time to change the world!” — Khizar, Montreal, February 2016

“Thank you very much Joe!” — Doug, February 2016

“Joe, I really enjoyed this course. It was intense but I never felt that it dragged. I liked the format and the content was practical. Your style is engaging. I like all the different leads on articles and books. Thanks very much.” — Andrea, January 2016

I wanted to reach out and tell you how valuable I found your ScrumMaster course in Halifax. It sparked some ideas.” — Geoff, Halifax, January 2016

“Hi, Joe as promised attached is the evaluation form. I would just like to say — thank you for a great course. Both myself and Ted will find what we have learned from you invaluable going forward as we try to implement Scrum at our company and you have fueled the ‘fire’ in us to get things moving.” — Steve, January 2016

“You not only helped me learn more about scrum methodology and how to be a better ScrumMaster, but you also truly inspired me as well. Thanks for making a potentially boring class, which was chock-full of information, a very fun and memorable experience.” — Fred, November 2015

“Thank you Joe, appreciated all your time and good training. Completed the exam and [have] become [an] official CSM holder.” — Ravi, October 2015

“Joe, thank you so much for the knowledge, both explicit and tacit! We’ve had plenty of dynamic conversations since my return on Monday. And we actually used the User Story template today for the first time.” — Tom, September 2015

“I am now a certified ScrumMaster (CSM). Thank you for providing a very thorough and inspiring ScrumMaster course in Montreal. In those three days, I gained the knowledge and courage which will help me find that next, great career opportunity. As Yogi Berra said The future ain’t what it used to be”.  So I am now on the Agile journey which will help me to face the future.” — Tim, August 2015

“Really enjoyed the CSM training I did with you in Toronto in June.” — Jennifer, June 2015

“Thanks again for an excellent session!” — Halifax, CSM July 2015

“I need to attend the third day of training in the future, which was key.”  — Tushar, CSM July 2015

“I have to say that of all the courses that I have had in the last 20 years that I found CSM to be the most useful to apply on a daily basis and that Joe’s delivery style made it possible to pack such power info into the short time frame available. It’s refreshing to go to a course so well organized and info packed but still be able to take away several items that you start introducing into your work environment for the betterment of both your project and your team.” — Marlene, 2014

“I can’t say enough how pleased the whole team was with the presentation!” — CSM In-House Course, Dennis, April 2015

“Thanks Joe for the great course. I completed the test yesterday and passed.” — Mike, May 2015

“Thank you again for the informative, interesting and fun class last week!  We are all excited to implement what we learned.” — Sue, May 2015

“I received your Product Owner training in Charlotte. Thank you very much it has not only been a career enhancer, but a complete mental change embracing Agile over waterfall.” — Paul, May 2015

“Thank you for your email, Joe. I thoroughly enjoyed my three days. Not only did I learn a lot from the intensive training, it was also great to hear Angie and Steve’s perspectives on the exercises that we worked on.” — Akshi May 2015

“Thanks a lot Joe for the copy of your book and the great training sessions. It was a great, interesting, fun course.” — Ashkan, May 2015

“I highly recommend Joe Little and LeanAgileTraining. I attended the two-day ScrumMaster class followed by the one-day Agile Release planning workshop. Joe was very personable and knowledgeable, demonstrating best Agile practices as a recovering Waterfall-holic. I enjoyed his frequent application of Yogi Berra quotes as well as the Penny game and Planning Poker to bring the Scrum lessons to life. The takeaways were numerous and my career feels fresh because of it. The course was of great value and I’m already looking forward to my next workshop opportunity to grow in Agile training with Joe! Thanks again.”  — David, Charleston January 2015

“Thanks Joe, it was a fun and eye opening course! Looking forward to getting messy!” — Jason, March 2015

“Thank you very much for this training. I liked the way you described the added value of SCRUM.” — Luc, February, 2015

“Thanks so much for all of your help and for teaching a great course!” — Michelle, December 2014

“Thanks for a very informative and fun class last week. Hope you enjoyed your stay in Detroit, and didn’t mind our sense of humor.” — Silvina, November 2014

“Just wanted to let you know that I thoroughly enjoyed your class on Scrum over the weekend.” — Girija, November 2014

“Thank you again for a great class. ” — Maria, October 2014

“Just wanted to say thanks again for a great class and for staying late Tuesday night to go over other Agile and Scrum topics. Great stuff!” — Ryan, October 2014

“The class was very informative and you kept the team engaged. Great job…” — Paul, October 2014

“Thank you for the free copy [of the slide deck] and thanks again for an engaging, entertaining session.” — Mike, August 2014

On the Scaling Workshop in Montreal, on a scale of 0-10, would you recommend to a friend: “10/10 assuming the participant already has experience with Scrum and has already faced the challenges associated with scaling.” — Marc, August 2014

“The third day workshop gave me a huge understanding of Scrum.” — Will, Charlotte, July 2014

“Joe drew upon his experiences in industry not “book speak.” Gave me ideas to be successful at work
with implementing Scrum.” — Chris, Charlotte, July 2014

“I successfully completed the CSM exam and printed the certificate. Coach Joe, thank you for sharing your expertise on the Scrum fundamentals. I liked the real life examples which kept the class highly engaged and actively  learning.” — Donna, July 2014

“Thanks for the great CSM class this week in Charlotte.  I appreciated the learning atmosphere you created and the opportunity to hear from so many different voices. I took and passed my CSM test this morning. The test met my expectations based on the information you provided.” — Jesse, April 2014

“Just a quick note of thanks for sharing your knowledge during last month’s CSM course in Charlotte, NC. I really enjoyed the course and your delivery/style of presenting the material. I have incorporated some of your recommendations on how to move teams to an Agile way of thinking and so far, so good!” — Kathryn, April 2014

“Thanks Joe for the great three days.” — David, April 2014

“One question wrong, but I’ll take the 97.1%. Thanks for the teachings, Joe!” — Angela, March 2014

“Just wanted to say again that the course was transformative and delightfully humorous!” — Scott, March 2014

“Hi Joe and everyone, thanks for the past two days. The course was valuable and the company enjoyable!” — Fabio, February 2014

“Your Training Style – first ever best experience.” — Mangala, Jan 2014

“Thanks for the class. I learned a LOT about SCRUM that I had never been taught before. I’m excited about our future and believe that the adoption of Agile/SCRUM will make a marked difference in our ability to both get things done, and to adapt. Thanks, again. ” — Ray, February 2014

“The final day [Agile Release Planning workshop] was most valuable, pulling together everything learned the previous two days.” — Victoria November 2013

“Thanks so much for the class. It has already helped me to explain the benefit of the 80-20 rule to some of my Business Stakeholders. It was very convincing!!” — Deb, October 2013

“Great training program. Highly recommend to anyone wanting to extend their skill set using the agile and scrum framework. Joe brings a blend of business and technical mechanics that allows you to be successful with integrating the scrum framework into your environment.” — Jeff, October 2013

“I’m currently on a job search. Also note that today I got a second interview for a product manager position here in Toronto. And I can honestly tell you that about 20% to 30% of my conversation this morning was about SCRUM!”  — Attendee, CSM, October 2013

“I and 13 others from my group attended last July and it was a career changing event for me. With the knowledge and confidence we gained in that course, we were able to transform how our division of [major] Bank managed projects. It is quite amazing to see how effective Scrum is when you do it right. Jeff and Joe will teach you not only the day to day business processes and techniques you need to know, they also instill the spirit of Scrum, which to me was almost more important than the techniques. I left that course wondering why anyone would manage a project any other way – it just makes so much sense. If you attend, I’m sure you will hear Jeff say ‘to manage a project any other way is just illogical.’ That quote will stick with you. Enjoy the course — it’s well worth the money.” — Roy, CSM, Charleston, SC

“It was a pleasure to be a part of the CSM course and workshop last week in Halifax. You are a great trainer!” — Stefan, March 2013

“I definitely got a ton of value from the course this week!” — Howard, Charleston, March 2013

“I liked several things about your style:

  • Getting to know the group.
  • Keeping it lighthearted, fun, and informative.
  • Keeping everyone involved.
  • I get embarrassed easily — because I don’t know it all —but you have a great way of bailing people out of tough spots!
  • I didn’t recognize anyone taking any comments personally, and I look for that. Humor shouldn’t have to be harmful to be be witty or funny.
  • I’m glad you didn’t take offense to my challenges. I try to be thoughtful and one of my goals was to try to apply the content to real world scenarios. I know it’s hard to do in a two-day course.
  • I gained so much more in your course than I ever would reading a book — especially ones focused on convincing me that the Kool-aid was delicious and good for me! I’m a bit more skeptical (realistic) than that!

Great job! I hope we’ll get to learn from you more in the future!” — Mark, Charlotte, February 2013

“Joe’s enthusiam and real world experience helped to bring the method to life.” — Ben, Charlotte, January 2013

“I enjoyed the hands-on activities to really learn the processes. It was very informative, and Joe was able to thoroughly answer and explain questions.” — Kristine, Montreal, November 2012

“Thanks again for the course. It was incredibly helpful and very practical for the work I am doing.” — Jonathan, Toronto, August 2012

“It was indeed a fun and insightful experience learning Scrum and its application from you. CSPO course truly exceeded my expectations. Thank you!” — Anand, Winston-Salem, March 2012

“I was blown away by what I learned in the course, in addition to the reading materials prior to the course.  I have no doubt that, once management embraces Scrum, we will become a much more efficient development department.”  — Matt, New York, January 2012

“Joe did a great job of taking complicated subjects and being patient to help us understand them. His training was intellectually stimulating and still FUN! You SOLD me!” — Brent, Knoxville, June 2011

“The class was great. I thought I knew so much from the book but you added a ton more. I am ready to apply the knowledge and get started with Scrum.” — Shanda, Knoxville, June 2011

“I enjoyed the energy and exploration/knowledge displayed by Joe.” — George, Charlotte, May 2011

“Joe had a good knowledge on practical application of Scrum. He was able to answer questions that applied to real life problems.” — Sandesh, March 2011

“I love Agile because it provides real world solutions to real problems faced by companies today.” — Chris, February 2011

“I’ll never forget the course. You are a great speaker! You have developed a very engaging and worthwhile course.” — Monica, Bucharest, February 2011

“Amazing coaches with tons of knowledge. Proved my assumptions wrong countless times. (A good thing!)” — Martin, Ottawa, January 2011

“Two-day workshop at the end was the most valuable time. I got a real sense of how to work in a SCRUM project.” — Jason, Ottawa, January 2011

“It’s funny how true the statement, ‘The biggest impediment is to accept Agile,’ is. I stole some of the charts from the presentation, and my cube is all Agile now.” — Imran, Dec 2010

“Thanks again for the great course. It was just what the doctor ordered.” — Joe, October 2010

“This was a life changing event.” — Product Owner Attendee, Atlanta, GA

“Thanks for the great course and the great preparation for the evaluation. I just scored 100%. It took less than 30 minutes.” — Bill, Atlanta, Oct 2010

“Two full days of lots of knowledge and info. I’m very excited to start to get others enthused about Scrum…” (Course rated 9 on a scale of 1 to 9) — Blair, Microsoft, July 1, 2009

“The hands-on exercises illustrated key ideas very well. Joe was an engaging instructor and responded well to questions.” — Douglas, Rochester, Mar 2009

“Just wanted to let you know that I really enjoyed the class. The whole time I was thinking to myself how much better life would have been had I used Scrum on my projects. Well, now, … I’ll know better. The interesting thing I found: some of what was taught will be possible to put into practice in my real estate development company [too].” — Ross, Oct 2008

“The hands-on activities were a little uncomfortable at first, but became the best learning tool of the class. The instructors were passionate and it shows. Building the Scrum backlog was very insightful.” — Debbie, May 2008

“I really enjoyed the training. I think many of the ideas I learned are going to improve the relationship[s] I have with Product Owners and stakeholders.” — Matthew, June 2008

“Many thanks for all the information sharing, guidance and tips from you during the course. The course was really great. Both Steve [and I] are very energized. We strongly feel that within 1 month we can make huge improvements to our SCRUM process and make wheels spin a lot faster and cleaner.” — Peter, July 2008

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