Partner Coaches – Certified Scrum Trainer

Below are our Partner coaches.  We recommend these people as coaches for your Team or your group or your company.  Please contact us to discuss.

Joe Little

Joe is an Agile coach and Certified Scrum Trainer (CST) through Scrum Alliance.  His goal is to use Lean-Agile principles and practices to help firms deliver more business value for customers, to make workers’ lives better and to benefit stakeholders. Two of his passions are helping teams discover business value and discovering new avenues to greater productivity.  He is proud of the several people he has mentored, who are now very strong in Agile.

Joe learned Scrum from Ken Schwaber and was later mentored by Jeff Sutherland, with whom he continues to co-teach.  He also works with several other Certified Scrum Trainer CSTs (and friends).  He has produced Lean Software training with the Poppendiecks.  His preference is to practice Agile as a combination of Scrum, XP and Lean principles and practices.  Joe has been a speaker at many conferences, including Agile20xx and Agile Tour (over several years in various locations), and at many other venues around the world. He started Agile-Carolinas and Agile Charleston.

Having worked in software development and new product development for 20+ years, he is now probably almost a real geek.  Joe was a Big 6 management consultant, a senior business and IT consultant to a number of household names in New York, London and Charlotte. In 1991, he launched Kitty Hawk Consulting.  Joe has helped lead lean-agile-scrum transformations in the US, Canada, France, the UK, Peru, Argentina, India and Romania.

A native son of Virginia, Joe lived in NYC for 20+ years, and he now resides with his family in Charlotte, NC.  He has a BA from Yale and an MBA from NYU. Joe also has the CSM, CSPO, CSP and CST certifications from Scrum Alliance.

Base: Charlotte, NC

agile training coach

David Muldoon

David is an innovative leader with experience leading large scale business transformations.

He is a Senior Agile Coach and Enterprise Agile Strategist.

He has a proven track record of enabling successful Agile transformations, from small organizations to large multinational corporations. He specializes in developing relationships with clients to foster an understanding of their business requirements, leading to the development of customized solutions to help achieve higher business value by delivering higher quality products. David believes in enabling organizations to unleash their creative confidence by inspiring people to change the way they think, collaborate and innovate by:

• Working with organizations to maximize ROI and deliver the highest business value
• Focusing on improving the end user experience and improve customer satisfaction
• Implementing best in class solutions to improve product quality

He has the following experience and expertise:

• 6 years of hands-on experience transitioning organizations from traditional development methodologies to Agile
• Providing organizational coaching, training and consulting to executives, management and development teams to transform their business through the adoption of Agile principles
• Developing strategies for implementing Lean management practices to optimize operational efficiency
• 17 years of large scale software & product development experience across all facets of the software development life-cycle
• Business & process re-engineering by working with stakeholders & the PMO to maximize delivery of customer value

Base: Ottawa, Ontario

Daniel Mezick

Agile and Cultural Change

Moving to Agility is in fact a cultural change.  Every organization has an existing culture; this existing culture is seldom intentionally designed from the start.  Instead, various forces shape the culture over time.  Often these forces are unmanaged.  The result is a culture that is not aligned with the goals and objectives of the business. Agile aligns teams with business goals and objectives. This is usually an interesting process. We provide Agile coaching and training that encourages greatness in teams and their organizations.

Agile Leadership
Daniel Mezick has a over a decade of Agile coaching experience. He is active as an Agile community leader in Greater Boston and the worldwide Agile community.  He is an invited speaker at industry conferences. His experience includes keynoting the Global Scrum Gathering in Paris 2013, keynoting the Big Apple Scrum Day in 2014 and several other conferences. He has delivered dozens of sessions at the annual Agile conferences including the years 2007, 2008, 2009, 2011 and 2013.  He’s written dozens of articles on INFOQ. Daniel is the author of THE CULTURE GAME and a co-author of THE OPENSPACE AGILITY HANDBOOK.

Base: Hartford, CT