The New Methodology

Here is a set of webpages (much like linked blog posts) that Martin Fowler wrote.  Looks like in 2005. Very good stuff. Most of it still applies.   Martin Fowler was one of the authors of the Agile Manifesto (and the Agile Principles). For more info on Martin Fowler see this Wikipedia article: […]

Notes for Improving Scrum Clinic

Updated March 18, 2024 These are  4 slide decks. As indicated they are a work-in-progress.  In draft form.  And “notes”. I use them in my Real-World Scrum workshop. And in the Diagnosis webinar.  And elsewhere. There is some repetition. Some of it on purpose, some of it I might edit out later. Each slide deck […]

Agile Release Planning – Some Questions & Issues

Last week I did an Agile Release Planning workshop.  Several different kinds of people there, including from 3 different firms. And some new questions and issues. Some things I should have said: The Agile Release Planning Day is the beginning, not the end. I did say that, but not well enough. Whatever you do the […]

HBR: 5 Questions to Get Your Project Team on the Same Page

Photo by 2H Media on Unsplash Above is the link to the HBR article.  I believe anyone can get access. Here’s the opening paragraph: When a misaligned project team succeeds, it’s an accident. Without alignment — that is, a shared understanding and commitment — team members work at cross-purposes and doom projects to failure. […]

Priority Poker

I revised an article on using wide-band delphi estimation for Business Value. See: Wide-band delphi estimation for Business Value – 1 Two parts. The link is to Part 1, and has a link itself to Part 2. It has links to two downloadable articles. Very useful.

Kent McDonald: Story Splitting

Kent McDonald has done a lot of good work.  We all should thank him. Here is one very useful post about story splitting: Story Splitting The post includes a slide deck with 21 story-splitting examples.  Very handy. To me, it is wrong to think of these examples as the end-all-and-be-all.  These are helpful.  Your situation […]

Agile Carolinas – June 13 – directions

TEKsystems is located on the 12th floor in the old BB&T/now called 200 South College building uptown. 200 South College, Charlotte, NC 28202 Entry is between the corner of 3rd and College and 4th and College – across from Charlotte Plaza Building [ Panera Bread] The BB&T parking deck can be accessed from College […]

“Where the head goes, the body follows”

Apparently this (the title) is a Ryan Holiday quote. (He wrote a somewhat famous book: “The obstacle is the way.”)   Today I want to talk about the OPPOSITE.  Well, kind of. Many of us believe that “the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.”  NO, no, I did not really mean that.  […]

Information for Agile Carolinas Meeting – April 4th, 2023

Location: Signature Consultants (DISYS) 200 South College Street  – Suite 1400 (on the 14th Floor) Between 3rd St and 4th. Note: Building used to be called “the BB&T Building” — signage now says “200 South College Street”. IF YOU GET LOST: Call 704-651-6852  (Stephanie at Signature Consultants)   Free Food and Free Parking.  Bring your […]

Essence – Other card sets

Ivar Jacobsen has put together cards that explain quickly many of the different agile “methods” or “tools.” (I would call User Stories a tool.)  Very useful. Here is a card set for User Stories: user_story_essentials_cards Here is a card set for “agile essential practices”: agile_essentials_practice_cards Enjoy! Use these with some of the Agile Games described […]