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“Where the head goes, the body follows”

Apparently this (the title) is a Ryan Holiday quote. (He wrote a somewhat famous book: “The obstacle is the way.”)   Today I want to talk about the OPPOSITE.  Well, kind of. Many of us believe that “the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.”  NO, no, I did not really mean that.  […]

An Agile Approach to Requirements

Below is the first draft on this topic.  With a big need to be shorter.  I eventually wrote something shorter. *** An Agile Approach We propose that we discuss this for an hour. INTRODUCTORY THOUGHTS When we start working on a product, there are many unknowns, often including: What is the real problem? What is […]

Agile Requirements Process

The following is a proposal I made to one client.  Might be useful for you. REQUIREMENTS DISCUSSION We propose a 1-hour discussion of the following practical suggestions. NEEDS (I am guessing; these are common.) we need an agile, adaptive solution part of the adaptation is to the specific people and situation of each Team we […]

In-Person Courses – Some comments

We started doing in-person courses again August 2021. We paused them (partly us, partly the market) for a few months as the Omicron variant passed through. We are doing In-Person courses again.  As the market demands.  If you are interested, contact us at with questions or comments.   Side Note: We want to be […]

Becoming a Better Change Agent (How do I get more change to happen)

I was recently leading a Webinar called Agile Leaders Dialogue.  (Please come next time.) This topic (change) came up.  So, I wanted to review with you my main suggestions. A Learned Skill Becoming a better change agent is a learned skill. Yes, maybe some people are naturally better at it.  Maybe they have practiced it […]

The Agile Challenge – Success criteria

A winning entry must of course include some description that explains that your team used Agile. It also needs to explicitly or implicitly include an argument that shows you were more successful because of Agile, and that Agile was at least one of the key causes of success. Any flavor of Agile is OK: DSDM, XP, […]

The Agile Challenge

I am devising a challenge called “The Agile Challenge.” I want to challenge all the Agile teams in North Carolina and South Carolina to prove they are the best. I want some firms or organizations to sponsor the challenge in every way: offer prize money, offer to support teams that enter the challenge, put their names on placards that […]

5 Key Suggestions for Change

In agile, we want things to improve.  Improve a lot. Here are my first 5 suggestions: Do something and learn You know how to do something small.  Do it.  Don’t wait; do it now.  And learn from that. Just do Scrum (more) and learn If you do Scrum, the transparency of Scrum will force others […]

How to start a group on Agile

QUESTION Hi Joe, [Slightly changed]  We are looking for an approach to getting our group started. [50 to 150 people] We have one team that is doing Scrum pretty well.  The other teams are not Agile. It will be completely new for them. Management is looking for ‘How’ to best train them to be Agile. […]

2014 State of Agile Survey

Here are the survey results from Version One on the state of Agile. A pretty good job, I think. Many interesting observations in the survey. Let me highlight one. Under “Barriers to Further Agile Adoption,” the top three answers were: 44% ability to change organizational culture 35% not enough personnel with the necessary Agile experience […]