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Webinar: Aggressively Attacking Impediments & Using Business Value Points

This is the next in a series of webinars on topics of interest to you. WHEN: August 13, 2020 from 2-3 p.m. PRICE: The cost is $5 to join the conversation—a nominal charge. Your Questions The purpose of these webinars is to help you. Please tell me if you have a topic of special interest. […]

Renewing your certification – One way

1. Introduction Here is the simplest way to renew your Scrum Alliance certification. I think. This follows Scrum Alliance rules.  But if you are in doubt, send an email to  They are the final authority. 2. Situation a. You have one or more Scrum Alliance certifications. b. AND, you got at least one of […]

Renewing your certification / Furthering your education

I am re-posting this, as I have new information. 1. Introduction You may want to skip to sections 4 and 5 below. 2. Why is this important? Learning so that you can act better or more effectively is good. Acting better or more effectively is definitely good! First, can knowledge decay?  Yes. Is it possible […]

Laws of physics – Stephen Hawking

“No matter how many times the result of experiments agree with the theory, you can never be sure that the next time the result will not contradict the theory.” This was posted on LinkedIn as a quote from Stephen Hawking. I have not confirmed that.  I have guessed that Hawking said that about the “laws” […]

Scrum Resources I recommend.

There are many Scrum and Agile resources.  What do you need now? I have written one, which is called “A Scrum Introduction”.  Look under “resources” on Here’s one, also listed under Resources, that I strongly recommend today.  Scrum at its core is a collection of Patterns.  So, it is in that way part of […]

Wooden’s Pyramid of Success

Mike Cohn has a wonderful weekly newsletter with advice.  Strong urge you subscribe.  See: (under the “More” option). Mike was talking about John Wooden and his UCLA basketball teams.  (And I miss March Madness this year!!) Mike also mentioned Wooden’s fairly famous (to us who know his) Pyramid of Success. Here:     […]

Renewing Your Certification – How we can help.

We have a earlier post that surveys the Scrum Alliance information on renewal.  Here. Below are our thoughts and what LeanAgileTraining can do to help you with this. 1. Our Reaction to the Scrum Alliance Rules We have noticed that human knowledge fades. To maintain one’s knowledge and ability requires attention, or more work and […]

Renewing your certification / Information from Scrum Alliance

1. Basic Scrum Alliance approach Scrum Alliance has come up with some practical things.  They are attempts to deal with different issues. Valid Certification Scrum Alliance wants everyone to have an up-to-date, valid certification. Per Scrum Alliance rules, your certification expires after two years.  (The expiration date is shown on your Scrum Alliance profile.) Get […]

Why Scrum?

Note: This is the second in a continuing series of posts re Scrum Intro. The preceding post is here. Why Scrum?  How did it get here?  How do we understand it?  How do you explain it to your colleagues? Why was Scrum invented? The way I understand it, Jeff Sutherland became a software development group manager […]

The CSP is in demand…

We have a problem in Scrum. First, we do well to call it an opportunity rather than a problem.  We have more opportunity sitting on the table that we have not yet grabbed.  Scrum, in general, can help us get a LOT more improvement than we have gotten. There are many root causes behind this […]