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Carnival of the Agilists – 11/29

Once again we are pleased and humbled to be included within the Carnival of the Agilists collection of blog posts. See here. For all the prior Carnival of the Agilists selections, see here. Enjoy. These are recommended. This is not to say that I would agree with every word of every post, but “two heads […]

Carnival of the Agilistas – 10/30

We are pleased to modestly report that our blog has been included again in the Carnival of the Agilists, this time the 10/30 edition. See here. This listing of “the best Agile blog posts” is quite interesting. See here for the fuller listing. Enjoy!

Carnival of the Agilists for Apr 20

Mark Levison, a friendly Canadian (I am working with a bunch of those Canadians lately) has the controls for the Carnival of the Agilists this time. Again, we are honored to have been selected, this time for Adopting Agile and similar posts related to Lean. Check it out. And check out the Agile Tangents group […]