Scrum Videos & Websites

Scrum Training Videos We Recommend

Ken Schwaber on Scrum et al.  GoogleTalk. 1 hour Scrum Videos.

Esther Derby & Diana Larsen on Agile Retrospectives. GoogleTalk.  50 minutes.

Jeff Sutherland on Scrum Tuning. GoogleTalk.  1 hour.

Jeff Sutherland on Self-Organization. GoogleTalk. 1.5 hours.

Jeff Sutherland on Hyperproductive Distributed Scrum. GoogleTalk. 1.5 hours.

Mary Poppendieck.  The Five Habits of Successful Lean Development.  About 1 hour.

Mary Poppendieck. Competing on the Basis of Speed.  About 1 hour.

Mary Poppendieck. A history of leadership.  About 1.5 hours.

Mary Poppendieck. Agile Under Contract. About 1 hour.

Henrik Kniberg,  Product Ownership in a nutshell. About 16 mins.

The Haka by the All Blacks. haka

Developer Abuse.  Short. This won at Agile2007.  Perhaps a biased jury.  Funny yet serious.

Being Agile is our favorite thing. About 1 minute.  This one also won at Agile2007.  Again, perhaps a biased and not wholly rational jury.  And of course at your place, there is never any irrationality in Scrum Videos.

Daniel Pink: The puzzle of motivation. TED Talk. 18 minutes.

Daniel Pink and RSAnimate: Drive: The surprising truth about what motivates usmotivation. 10 minutes.

Wherethehellismatt2008. 4.5 minutes. In Jeff Sutherland’s Self-org talk he explains why he likes this video.

Sara Bareilles – Love Song. How we start to tell the truth. 4.5 minutes.

Money Ball. It’s tough to introduce change. See the whole film (all of Money Ball). But here is one metaphor in a short clip. 2 minutes.

Susan Boyle’s audition. “Go confidently in the direction of your dreams.” If you read the lyrics, there is also a caution. But for a Team, miracles can happen. In unlikely situations. 7 minutes.

High Moon Studios – Scrum. Humorous and serious at the same time. 1.5 minutes.

We band of brothers – Kenneth Branagh, doing that famous speech from Henry V.  A feeling just like your Scrum Team has (we hope). Go to about 2 min 20 secs in.

AgilLive Webinar Series: Jeff Sutherland Presents Getting to Done – The Power of Scrum – Thought Leadership Webinar Series in Scrum Training Videos

Jeff Sutherland: How to Avoid the Most Common Scrum Pitfalls

A funny Scrum Master movie with Jeff Sutherland.  About 5 minutes.

Hitler at a sprint review.  Hopefully funny, in a way.  About 4 minutes.

If you want to change the world, start by making your bed.  Adm McRaven.


Websites We Recommend

Our first six recommendations.

Ken Schwaber’s old site – This is the old ‘controlchaos’ site. An excellent source from the co-creator of Scrum.

Jeff Sutherland’s site – This is the site for Scrum Inc., Jeff Sutherland’s firm.  Also an excellent source, from the other co-creator of Scrum.

Agile Alliance – The site where the many strands of Agile come together.

Scrum Alliance – The site for Certified ScrumMasters.

Mike Cohn’s site – This site has a lot of excellent, practical advice. Very down to earth. Many good articles and presentations.

Agile Manifesto – This is the Agile Manifesto pf 2001.  On a link you can also see the Agile Principles, and a description of how the manifesto (not my favorite word) came to be written. We are grateful for the courage of these pioneers.

For additional websites, see here:

Ron Jeffries’ site – This is a great site for XP and related Agile advice.

WikiWikiWeb – This is the site of the original wiki. Wikis were invented by Ward Cunningham. He and and now others have created this site. Ward remains one of the three key proponents of XP. The site is known as WikiWikiWeb or Ward’s Wiki.

Ward’s Wiki – This is the page on Ward’s Wiki where Ward Cunningham (I think) provides his roadmap to XP. Do look around the wiki. Lots of interesting stuff.

Wikipedia site – This is a site you probably heard about before you knew what a wiki was. Pretty darn good encyclopedia. Great example of a wiki. Self-organization is one underlying principle, in common with Agile.

Martin Fowler – Martin Fowler is a very bright guy, with much to say. This is a link to his web article on “the new methodology” (namely, agile). Recently updated. Look around also.

Norm Kerth – This man has some great insights on Retrospectives. Here is his Prime Directive.

Scrum Reference Card – There are several like this. This one’s pretty good, by Michael James.

William Wake – He has some great information and suggestions. I like his Scrum on one page, for example. He has many other useful ideas for Scrum Development in this Scrum Training Videos.