Changes & Refunds

You may make some changes to your seat ‘reservation’.  We have tried to make this as easy as possible.  Bear in mind that changes incur some effort and risk for us, so we have to balance that.  See the following rules.

If you cannot come to a course:

  1. If you cannot come to a course, you may substitute another person.  And there is no change fee. We will ask for the new name and email address.
  2. If you cannot come to a course, you may change to a course on another date.  But there may be a charge (see below).
  3. You might also receive a refund, as explained below.
  4. If you request the refund more than 16 days in advance, then you may receive a 100% refund (no fee or deduction).
  5. If you request the refund inside the 16 day period, then there is a 30% cancellation fee.
  6. If you paid via PayPal or Stripe, we can only refund you via PayPal or Stripe.  The processors or credit card companies take roughly five business days to complete the credit back to your credit card.  We cannot change that.

If you want to change to another date:

  1. You may do so under the following conditions.
  2. If you change to another course more than 16 days in advance (ie, more than 16 days before the start of your current course), then there is no ‘change’ fee.  But, if the new course is more expensive (possible) then you must pay any additional price of the new course.  For example, if you paid $1200 and the new course is now $1350, then you must pay that additional $150.
  3. If you change within the 16 day period, then there is a $200 change fee. (This is for several reasons.)  And you must also pay any course fee difference (eg, that $150 mentioned above). The change fee is $100 for a 1 day course or workshop..
  4. If you change a second time, then there is $100 change fee if you do it before the 16th day (in advance) or $200 again if you do it within the 16 day in advance period. And you must also pay any course fee difference (eg, that $150 example).  Again, for a one day course or workshop, the change fee for a second time would be another $100.

Effect of changes on 3+ person discount:

  1. If you originally got a 3+ group discount, that discount does not carry-forward automatically if you make a change.
  2. Remember that the 3+ discount is based on 3+ people in the SAME course.
  3. If the course you are changing to already has 2+ people in your group, then you might still get a 10% discount.  If it does not, then you do not receive the 10% discount.
  4. Again, to change, you must pay the difference between what you originally paid (which was after a discount in this example) and what you owe for the new course (often with no discount).
  5. Nother scenario.  Consider that you were part of a 3+group that received a 10% discount, and one of your colleagues leaves (will not attend the course).  Then the remaining group (in the old course) is now less than 3, and those one or two people lose the 10% discount.  The missing amount must be “made up”.   Normally we will charge the make-up amount directly to the 1 or 2 people remaining in the old course.

We reserve the right to change or clarify these rules at any time.