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  • Joe has a new book in progress, nearly finished.  “A Scrum Introduction”  Please download “Working-ScrumIntroV0.91”  (New version as of December 28, 2022.)
    The main purpose of the book is to help my students understand Scrum at the early stages.  So, it is fairly short.  But maybe 5-8x larger than the Scrum Guide 2020 (which is only 13 pages).
    And please send us feedback!
  • Joe’s Agile Release Planning” — This is my first book, which is available in PDF and other formats from LeanPub.

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  • Agile & Business — You can sign up for a feed.  I put most new content here first.


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  • Twitter: Joe Little and Lean Agile Training — Please follow us; we post updates about courses, new blog posts, etc.
  • LinkedIn:  Joe Little — Please connect with us; we post course specials, have Scrum conversations, etc.


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Our Webinars

  • Addressing Problems with Scrum.  The video.  About 21 minutes.
  • 5 Patterns from A Scrum Book by Sutherland, Coplien, et al.  The video.  About 37 minutes.
  • Agile Release Planning – The context and basics.  The video.  About 31 minutes.
  • Agile Release Planning – The Day itself. The video. About 38 minutes.


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