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  • Joe has a new book in progress, nearly finished. Please download “Working-ScrumIntroV0.89”  (New version as of Auguest 19, 2021.  Apparently the last version did not convert hyperlinks well.)  And please send us feedback!
  • Joe’s Agile Release Planning” — This is my first book, which is available in PDF and other formats from LeanPub.

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  • Agile & Business — You can sign up for a feed.  I put most new content here first.


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  • Twitter: Joe Little and Lean Agile Training — Please follow us; we post updates about courses, new blog posts, etc.
  • LinkedIn:  Joe Little — Please connect with us; we post course specials, have Scrum conversations, etc.


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Our Webinars

  • Addressing Problems with Scrum.  The video.  About 21 minutes.
  • 5 Patterns from A Scrum Book by Sutherland, Coplien, et al.  The video.  About 37 minutes.
  • Agile Release Planning – The context and basics.  The video.  About 31 minutes.
  • Agile Release Planning – The Day itself. The video. About 38 minutes.


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