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Slides Decks for Workshops, Presentations, Talks, Webinars

Here are some of the slide decks we have prepared.  In PDF format.  Assume all are evolving, or will evolve soon, when I have the time and inclination.

Some, as you will see, have evolved over time.  Others we put together quickly for one talk (we have not added this type yet).

Executive Manager Introductory Workshop on Agile/Scrum


69 slides.
This is for a 4-hour workshop with the executives and/or (senior) managers. Some of the pages drive lots of discussion, some are “quick hits” where we make a key point and quickly move on.
This is for a particular situation and is a revision of a prior workshop. (Can’t share the specific situation.)
It is not self-explanatory.  I never put it all in the slide deck.
It’s always different with each group of executives or senior managers.
My ideal approach is 1-2 hours of basics, followed in the next week by 2-4 hours to add more depth (that this group needs or wants).  Yes, they need more but that at least gets them started.
Also, we have a problem now that we did not always have 5 years ago.  A lot of managers think they understand agile (yes, some managers actually do understand agile impressively well), or think that half-baked agile is ok.  So we now have to explain that we have higher to climb than they are anticipating.

Please offer your comments or suggestions.

What should we cover in an Executives/Senior Managers workshop?  Again, I am interested in your ideas.

Improving Scrum Workshop

Four slide decks.  This set is evolving, and already has evolved a lot.

Improv Scrum P1-V29
84 slides
Improv Scrum P2-V28.key
82 slides
Improv Scrum P3-V28.key
75 slides
Improv Scrum P4-V28.key
68 slides

We could use these slide decks in lots of ways with your Team or Teams. We use them in the Real-World Scrum workshop.

The Impediment List (talk)

Imped List V12
35 slides

Scrum Basics

Intro to ScrumV10
46 slides

Build Great Teams – 5+ Ideas

BuildGreatTeam V5



  • More to come.