Blogs We Recommend

Scrum Log by Jeff Sutherland. An excellent source, from the co-creator of Scrum.

Esther Derby’s blog– Esther has excellent ideas about making teams more effective and about Agile Retrospectives. This is her blog.

Succeeding With Agile by Mike Cohn

Crisp’s Blog by Henrik Kniberg and others.

Partnership and Possibilities – Diana Larsen has wonderful ideas about making teams more effective, and, again, about Agile Retrospectives.

Steve Denning’s site at Forbes

Organizational Agility by Pete Behrens

Ken Schwaber’s Blog

Tom Peters’ Site

Agile Advice – Here is a blog, mainly from Mishkin Berteig, with lots of good advice about agile.

Jim Highsmith – Jim Highsmith is one of the originators of the Agile Manifesto. Great thinking about Agile and running projects.

Sanjiv Augustine – I recommend Sanjiv’s book about Agile Project Management. This is his blog site.

Martin Fowler – Martin Fowler is a very bright guy, with much to say. This is a link to his web article on “the new methodology” (namely, agile).  Look around also.

The Poppendiecks – Mary and Tom Poppendieck are leaders in Lean Software Development, a flavor of agile. Brings in many of the ideas of Lean, Lean Manufacturing, and the Toyota Production System. While developed fairly independently of agile, Lean is remarkably similar. Gives you new insights into why agile works.

Rachel Davies – This is Rachel Davies blog. You will find her comments wise and humane.