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The ScrumButt Test (4): You know who the Product Owner is

In this series, I  am going over each question in the ScrumButt Test. The first section of the ScrumButt Test is a quick determination: are you doing incremental development? The second section is: are you doing Scrum? We are now up to the first question in the second section. It is: Do you know who […]

Joe’s Agile Release Planning

I have written a new booklet that I want you to have (I think you will find it useful) and also to comment on. It is about Agile Release Planning. [Note: It was a booklet, it is now a book.  See:] It proposes that agile release planning consists of these major steps (at least): […]

3 Methods to increase Business Value

Yesterday I enjoyed talking to Southern Fried Agile, the local one-day agile conference in Charlotte.  My topic was: Three Steps Toward Greater Business Value. I was pleased to see many participants wanted to discuss this subject. So much so, that the organizers decided to run the session twice. I am happy this is considered an […]

Enabling Specification

This is a “just enough, just in time” concept.  As some of you know, just-in-time (JIT) was one of the first names for what we now call Lean. Just enough documentation to enable the implementers to implement it, delivered ‘just in time.’ This is closely related to the “Definition of Ready” or DOR concept.  Which […]

Business Value Engineering framework

I am about to do another BV Engineering workshop. In Orlando, Feb 23-24.  Preceded (appropriately) by an Intermediate CSPO (Product Owner) course. Feb 21-22. In this post I wanted to explain the workshop from a different angle that I have done before. First, what is the BVE framework? Scrum is a framework.  Not a full […]

An Intro to BV Engineering: the paper

I have written version 2.2 of a paper that introduces the concepts around Business Value Engineering. See: I would appreciate your feedback, either here or in an email. Thanks!

Why call it “BV Engineering?”

A man I greatly respect wrote to ask why I call it “BV Engineering.”  There are many engineering disciplines, he noted, but is there a degree in “business value engineering”? I said I thought an MBA was the degree for this. Not another regular engineering degree,  but I agree with him that for some the […]

One reason for “Business Value Engineering” – 2nd pass

Let’s say some smart people have given you some great ideas about “business value engineering.” Let’s say those ideas include: More customer demos Having the implementers visit the customers as they “do work” or “live” (depending on your product) A better BV Model Don’t talk to customers (they don’t know they want an iPad) Taking […]

One reason for “Business Value Engineering”

I said recently that business value engineering is the place we can improve the most. By this I mean: (a) identifying the small features that the customer will want the most (once they get them), and (b) identifying the MMFS (minimum marketable feature set). Perhaps we should also add: (c) identifying a “business model” that […]

Defining Business Value // #2 Customer Smile

Imagine that you make a new camera, and after all that work — does it make the customer smile? Imagine that it is not Scarlett Johansson. Just a girl or young woman. Or maybe any customer who buys your new camera. You don’t make any profit on that camera, just she smiles. How do we […]