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The ScrumButt Test (4): You know who the Product Owner is

In this series, I  am going over each question in the ScrumButt Test. The first section of the ScrumButt Test is a quick determination: are you doing incremental development? The second section is: are you doing Scrum? We are now up to the first question in the second section. It is: Do you know who […]

Joe’s Agile Release Planning

I have written a new booklet that I want you to have (I think you will find it useful) and also to comment on. It is about Agile Release Planning. [Note: It was a booklet, it is now a book.  See:] It proposes that agile release planning consists of these major steps (at least): […]

3 Methods to increase Business Value

Yesterday I enjoyed talking to Southern Fried Agile, the local one-day agile conference.  My topic was: Three Steps Toward Greater Business Value. I was pleased to see many participants wanted to discuss this subject. So much so, that the organizers decided to run the session twice. I am happy this is considered an important subject. […]

Enabling Specification

This is a “just enough, just in time” concept. Just enough documentation to enable the implementers to implement it, delivered ‘just in time.’ Please read these blog posts: Note: Jeff Sutherland prefers to refer to this as an Enabling Spec now, not an ‘Agile Spec’. It is something written that the PO gets […]

Business Value Engineering framework

I am about to do another BV Engineering workshop. In Orlando, Feb 23-24.  Preceded (appropriately) by an Intermediate CSPO (Product Owner) course. Feb 21-22. In this post I wanted to explain the workshop from a different angle that I have done before. First, what is the BVE framework? Scrum is a framework.  Not a full […]

An Intro to BV Engineering: the paper

I have written version 2.2 of a paper that introduces the concepts around Business Value Engineering. See: I would appreciate your feedback, either here or in an email. Thanks!

Why call it “BV Engineering?”

A man I greatly respect wrote to ask why I call it “BV Engineering.”  There are many engineering disciplines, he noted, but is there a degree in “business value engineering”? I said I thought an MBA was the degree for this. Not another regular engineering degree,  but I agree with him that for some the […]

One reason for “Business Value Engineering” – 2nd pass

Let’s say some smart people have given you some great ideas about “business value engineering.” Let’s say those ideas include: More customer demos Having the implementers visit the customers as they “do work” or “live” (depending on your product) A better BV Model Don’t talk to customers (they don’t know they want an iPad) Taking […]

One reason for “Business Value Engineering”

I said recently that business value engineering is the place we can improve the most. By this I mean: (a) identifying the small features that the customer will want the most (once they get them), and (b) identifying the MMFS (minimum marketable feature set). Perhaps we should also add: (c) identifying a “business model” that […]

Defining Business Value // #2 Customer Smile

Imagine that you make a new camera, and after all that work — does it make the customer smile? Imagine that it is not Scarlett Johansson. Just a girl or young woman. Or maybe any customer who buys your new camera. You don’t make any profit on that camera, just she smiles. How do we […]