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ANN: COVID and Our Courses (Online and In-person)

Right now… We are only doing online or virtual courses. We do not know when this will end. For now, we are saying that all August courses will be online. We hope that sometime soonish, maybe for August, this will change, and therefore in August we would be doing in-person courses, but that change may happen […]

Agile Alliance website – Agile 101

The new Agile Alliance website has a new Agile 101 section. Within that section is a “Practices Timeline.” The timeline is pretty good, and will almost surely introduce you to some key ideas — some that you know (but maybe not well enough) and probably even some you don’t know (but should).

Scaling with Agile: A Patterns Approach

I will be speaking to the Agile CoP of the PMI in Nashville.  Lots of interesting things are happening in Nashville.  A very nice place. Here is the title of the discussion: Scaling: A Patterns Approach. Here is the description: An introduction to some concepts for scaling in Agile/Scrum and how to use them effectively […]

Blinding Flash of the Obvious

Tom Peters wrote a blog post, with an executive summary of his key points. He mentions that virtually all of them are “the blinding flash of the obvious.” That is — insights that are obvious (once you think of them), but that we don’t usually think of them. Here: Suffice to say, I think […]

Organizing a small-ish company to do Scrum and ‘regular work’

Holly asks: “I am relatively new to this methodology, and I would like to learn more about how resources are assigned to Scrum teams.  Resource allocation – do Sprint team members need to spend 100% of their time in a Scrum Team?  If so, how do we account for existing job responsibilities?” *** Good question […]

Halifax: Public Impediment List

As some of you know, I am a strong proponent of aggressively attacking the impediments.  It starts, I think, with a good public impediment list. So, as examples, here are the impediments identified by the class in Halifax. Team is working on too many things No prioritized backlog Uninvolved PO Keeping everyone in the loop […]

Culture & Agile & Change at the NYC Scrum Users Group

On March 20th, 2014, we had a great discussion.  The group was great, very active participation. Thanks especially to Rob and Mary, and also to many old and new friends. Here is the slide share. Mainly we discussed Fearless Change. This is the work of Mary Lynn Manns and Linda Rising. They are soon to […]

What to tell the Executives?

To be successful with Agile, sooner or later we want to engage the Executives.  Or, sometimes, they are already engaged, but we feel we need to talk to them.  To have them understand more or do something differently. So, first, be patient and be hopeful.  Too many of us (agile advocates) start the conversation feeling […]

Public Impediments – Toronto March 2014

Here are the issues this group thought were important.  Many are ‘issues’ in a waterfall model.  The list is not in order of priority, nor necessarily impediments in an Agile model.  Some are vague to us (stated in too few words), but I think they knew what they really meant.  Maybe one or two is […]

Question: More on Agile Contracts

Gabriel asks: Can you suggest a few relevant papers on Agile contracts? I am interested in both the ad-hoc, non-commercial agreements, to maximize, based on Pareto law naive application, the output of PO-development team through collaboration, and the commercial agreements that best support such an objective. I read this: but I would like to […]