ANN: COVID and Our Courses

Right now…

We are only doing online (or virtual or remote) courses or workshops. We do not know when this will end. For now, we are saying that all September courses will be online.

We hope that sometime soonish, maybe for September, this will change, and therefore in September we would be doing in-person courses, but that change may happen later.

Good news!  We are very happy with our online/virtual courses and our students agree! Please ask if you are interested.

You are welcome to come back later (e.g., to the in-person course) for a fairly nominal charge. Even though we are very happy (happier than expected) with our online courses and workshops, we still feel that in-person courses are better for you. They are more expensive, but worth it.


There will be many factors influencing when we return to in-person courses.

  • What Scrum Alliance says
  • What our customers say (Please make your voice heard:
  • What the airline and hotel industries do

Maybe worth saying: To some degree this is local to each city, and to some degree for me, this is a North America issues (mainly Canada and USA for me).


I will also share my personal hope. I am not a doctor nor an epidemiologist, but I feel, from the many things I have read, that in terms of death and real illness, things have gotten a lot better. This is true, for example, in the U.S. and Canada.  (Yes, recently cases have seemed to spike, and deaths apparently have gone up some.)  Especially, for example, NYC and NY State things are much better (after a huge rise in deaths, they seem now to be out of the woods).

We think, based on a reading of data and some experts, that this illness may soon die out. We hope we will not need a vaccine (about which I am less hopeful than some regarding timing) and that there will be no meaningful second wave. Per a recent WSJ article, we all, as a population in the U.S. (and the world), appear to have a significant degree of natural immunity (exactly how or how much is not well understood, but exposure to prior similar coronaviruses is one guess).

But these hope are based on imperfect and insufficient knowledge, and it is about the future, which no one knows.  So, for a lot of reasons, no one knows how this will play out for specific people or populations.  Overall, I am an optimistic guy. We will wait for the data to show this as being more substantially true. For now, we recommend social distancing, masks, and hand washing, as well as the least common thing, common-sense.  For example, I am not yet comfortable enough to do an in-person course in tight-ish room.

If you want to talk about this, please contact me.

I am very interested, for the sake of many unfortunate people, to do what I can to get this economy back on track. These restrictions (no more lockdown, I hope) also negatively affect the health and well-being of many people significantly. I think more significantly than the virus, and many experts have confirmed this idea. So, I am open to your ideas.


In summary, I am optimistic we will be doing in-person courses sooner than some might think.

August: Seems unlikely to me, right now.

September: Seems possible.

October: Feels more possible, but not certain.

These guesses may change, but maybe it is useful to share my guesses.



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