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The ScrumButt Test (5): A prioritized Product Backlog is essential

We started a series on The ScrumButt Test some time ago. This is the fifth explanatory post about the test. To find the others, search above (right). Here is the original post. The second item in the second section of the ScrumButt Test is this: “There is a product backlog prioritized by business value” Seem […]

The ScrumButt Test (4): You know who the Product Owner is

In this series, I  am going over each question in the ScrumButt Test. The first section of the ScrumButt Test is a quick determination: are you doing incremental development? The second section is: are you doing Scrum? We are now up to the first question in the second section. It is: Do you know who […]

The ScrumButt Test (3): Enabling Specifications

The third line in the ScrumButt Test is: “The Sprint starts with an Enabling Specification.” What does this mean? The first practical goal was to eliminate the analysis paralysis and delay associated with waiting until the specification was “complete”. On the other hand, too many agile teams are trying to be effective when ‘no one […]

The ScrumButt Test (2): Working Software

The second line in the ScrumButt Test says: Software must be tested and working by the end of each iteration. This is the second of three items that confirms the team (project) is “iterative”. There is a series of small tests (within the ScrumButt Test) for whether the team is really doing Scrum (in my […]

The ScrumButt Test (1): Iterations must be timeboxed

I will be doing a series of posts that discuss each element in the ScrumButt Test (see earlier post). In this first post, I will focus on the first element in the ScrumButt Test: “Iterations must be time-boxed to less than six weeks.” Remember that the first section of the test is to determine whether […]

The ScrumButt Test

Bas Voode designed a test with 7 or 8 items.  Jeff Sutherland and others liked it.  Jeff modified it some.  Eventually it became known as the ScrumButt Test.  Bas developed the test originally to check whether a team was still really using Scrum or reverting back to waterfall.  Or, reverting to what I call Cowboy […]