Agile Carolinas: Requirements with Agile – How to become better

Agile Carolinas meeting: May 17, 2022 – at 5:30 pm.  IN-PERSON.

We may try to also broadcast via Zoom.  ie, Hybrid.  (We need someone to help with that.)

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Unclear requirements are always a problem.  Always hard in a way.

So, let’s discuss how we are doing “requirements” in an agile way.  What is working or not working for you?


Here are some ideas.  And we want everyone to share.


  • can be done verbally
  • can be done via pictures
  • can be done as lists
  • related to DOR
  • PO has some responsibility
  • Developers have responsibility (to insist they have enough)
  • Jeff Sutherland suggests an enabling specification (see: [link to be added]
  • do them as a flow.  8 stories are ready-ready just before the sprint starts
  • some people use templates
  • DOR might define types of info needed (sometimes).  Devs must decide per story
  • Lean UX can be part of it
  • Business side engaged (part-time, a bunch of people)
  • Etc, etc.

Please come and share your ideas and questions.

Immediate Goals: Developers have less uncertainty and higher motivation.  Fewer examples of mis-communication as we do the demo in the Sprint Review.

Goal of session: You take away some ideas to experiment with to raise the productivity and effectiveness of your Team.  Customers become happier.


See you there!

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