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Goethe wrote at the very end of Faust:

Alles Vergängliche ist nur ein Gleichnis

Das Unzulängliche, hier wird‘s Ereignis

Das Unbeschreibliche, hier ist‘s getan

Das Ewig-Weibliche zieht uns hinan

(For those drawn to this quote, see:


So, what makes us want to accomplish more?  What will make your Team want to accomplish more?

If you are the Brooklyn Nets that just got swept by the Celtics, I suppose there might be a good handful of answers.


That last line by Goethe was translated as “The eternal-feminine draws us aloft”.  Well, one translation by one person.  Many others.

And so, it is a mystery, to some degree.  Ex: what does one mean by “the eternal feminine”?  Yin and Yang?  The mystery of Margaret?

A suggestion

It is good to reflect at the end of the season.  Or as one begins a new season, as we kind of are beginning spring or summer.

And then to commit to a new goal (or set of measurable goals?).  And part of that goal must include getting better.

However good we are, we can become better.

I recommend the Team set goals for itself.  Attainable, but not easily attainable.  A challenge.

And implicitly and explicitly we are trying to become better.

Yes, always there may be a mystery.  Maybe numbers are not everything.  (Surely the light of love that energizes the universe is far more than any number.)

Maybe God does not require us to prove ourselves by good works.  Or better works.

Still, there is much satisfaction is becoming somewhat better.  When we remain otherwise in balance.  And in using that betterment of the Team to deliver even more business value to the customers.

It is more blessed to give than to receive.

Minor point

Scrum is a bare framework for you and your Team to work together and see if you can become better.

Use it that way.  Use everything in Scrum, including more of the patterns in A Scrum Book and become better.  And use other things, and become better.

Does it sound hard?  Maybe..  But make it also fun!  Make it a game.


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