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The ScrumButt Test – Update

Next week I will be speaking to Agile Midlands about the ScrumButt Test.  And the following day, I will be doing a Webinar on ScrumButt. In part, this is because to me the ScrumButt Test is fun. Here are some key statements: The test enables you to get a reading on a Team quickly It […]

Self-organization: The secret sauce for improving your Scrum Teams

Here is a video of Jeff Sutherland speaking at the Googleplex in NYC a few years ago. It seems very relevant still. A couple of things to emphasize: If you are not enjoying the “Where the Hell is Matt?” video at first, bear with it. I think you’ll enjoy Jeff’s explanation. One of the hardest, […]

‘Teams that Finish Early Accelerate Faster’

This is an excellent article: Teams That Finish Early Accelerate Faster.  It is by Jeff Sutherland and others. It addresses a key issue:  How do we get Scrum teams to be more successful? One answer is that ‘scrum’ teams are not always doing Scrum. More likely, they are not doing all of Scrum.  We know […]

Teams that Finish Early Accelerate Faster

Jeff Sutherland has recommended this recent article: “Teams that Finish Early Accelerate Faster.” Here it is: teamsthatfinishearlyacceleratefaster What’s the deal? Well, many of us are seeing ‘scrum’ that is not … not achieving the results we would like to see.  I say it this way: we want everyone to achieve significantly better results.  Jeff Sutherland talks […]

Enabling Specifications

I recommend using the ‘Enabling Specification’ practice. This is NOT part of the bare framework of Scrum. But it is a frequently recommended practice. Typically recommended. This is: Just-enough, just-in-time documentation. Meaning that the implementers in the Scrum Team have enough information to build the user story correctly the first time. Or at least they […]

Story Points rather than hours

Jeff Sutherland has a great post about this, here.  A must read.    

Agile Principles and Values

In the post linked below, Jeff Sutherland wrote, apropos the Agile Manifesto, a bunch of things about some key Agile values and principles.  Excellent stuff. As some of you know, I think it is essential for people doing agile or scrum to know and be in sync with the values and principles. What I call […]

Jeff Sutherland video: Basics of Scrum

Nice video. Five minutes. Highly recommended. Complex adaptive systems — an important idea. [The videos were moved around. This seems the best link.] Other great videos on this same page now.

Hyperproductive Distributed Scrum

Back on July 21, 2008, Jeff Sutherland gave a talk on Hyperproductive Distributed Scrum at the Googleplex in NYC. Here is the video.

Self-Organization in Scrum

On Sept. 4, 2008, Jeff Sutherland gave a talk on self organization in Scrum at Google in NYC. The talk also covered some of the associated contradictions (or perhaps, seeming contradictions). Here are the slides from the talk.  Google video is here.