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Scrum Guides 2020 – 2009

Here are some Scrum Guides: 2020-Scrum-Guide-US Scrum-Guide-US-2017 Scrum-Guide-US-2016 Scrum Guide July 2013 Scrum Guide Oct 2011 Scrum_Guide_v1_Scrum_Alliance_Feb2010 Scrum Guide Nov 2009 This appears to be the only Scrum Guide issued only by Scrum_Guide-20090706 This is the original Scrum Guide, that Ken Schwaber wrote and issued before he left Scrum Alliance. There is a proto-Scrum […]

Surprise for the day: Agile at Scale and Agile in Science

I was walking through the Newark airport today.  I looked on the book shelves, and there it was: HBR’s 10 Must Reads 2020. I looked into it.  There was the article that Jeff Sutherland co-wrote “Agile at Scale” along with two guys from Bain. I recommend you read it, well, if.  If you are a […]

Change the World – Make your bed

A friend of mine, who is definitely not a military guy, sent me this video.   “If you want to change the world, make your bed.”   That’s the title that goes with the video and with Admiral McRaven’s commencement address in 2014 at the University of Texas. If you have lived a while, you can […]

Pictures I draw in the course

Below is a link to a PDF of the pictures I drew in the recent CSM course + ARP workshop in NYC. They are not self-explanatory, but some of you will remember better what we said by ‘seeing the picture’. ‘Now I see the picture’ they often say. Enjoy! Comments welcome. NYC march 2017  

Scrum Guide 2016

Here is the new Scrum Guide as of July 2016. Scrum-Guide-US-2016 Worth re-reading. There is a newer Scrum Guide, published 2017, which is available here:

How to start a group on Agile

QUESTION Hi Joe, [Slightly changed]  We are looking for an approach to getting our group started. [50 to 150 people] We have one team that is doing Scrum pretty well.  The other teams are not Agile. It will be completely new for them. Management is looking for ‘How’ to best train them to be Agile. […]

Starting an Agile Transformation

Imagine you are a medium-sized company. Your innovation team might be in the range of 300 people. You are not a start-up, and equally, you are not a huge company. Let’s imagine, at least for now, that you have no special issues. Your situation is fairly normal. (To be fair, every situation is different to […]

Scrum 101

Here is the slide deck I used in the talk with the Agile Halifax group. Scrum101.key You can see slides from other talks I have had here. Enjoy!    

Getting Started with Scrum

Let’s talk about the basic standard patterns in getting started with Scrum. (We have talked about these ideas before, and so we have many, many coaches and advisors.) Start a pilot team This also means pull together a team with the best possible criteria for success. These criteria are worth reviewing in more detail later, […]

“It’s not too far, it just seems like it is.” (Yogi Berra)

I wanted to talk quickly about 4 classic mistakes or issues.  We all must deal with these. Before starting, I wanted to mention this famous and important quote: “In theory, there is no difference between theory and practice. In practice, there is.” (Yogi Berra)  I forgot to mention this one in the last class, and […]