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Question: How do I implement Scrum?

Question from Denise: “My organization has decided to go from Waterfall to Agile SCRUM. I have experience with SCRUM, but very little experience implementing it. I was wondering if anybody has this experience? If so, what were some of the challenges you faced? Lessons learned? Best practices?” Answer: This is a big question. And no […]

When should we do Agile?

This is a question many have asked, and here is my approach to answering it. Let me refine the question a bit.  For a specific project or set of work, when do we do Agile or should we use something else (waterfall)?  (This might be the first project or the next project that comes to […]

Starting agile adoption

Imagine that you have some interest in Agile. Perhaps you read a book, and talked with a friend who is doing agile at his firm. Then you take a Scrum course. Now what do you do? Let’s take a middle of the road case, where you have a software development group of 80 or so, […]

Adopting Agile: Ask questions

Some of you know I like Yogi Berra.  As a side note, here are a lot of his quotes. I hope you laugh at a few. (Laughter is a great way to influence people.) Ok, so Yogi Berra reminded us by saying: “Some people, if they don’t already know it, you can’t explain it to […]

At first, when Scrum and when Waterfall?

When your company is first starting Scrum, how do you decide which projects use Scrum and which ones do it ‘the old way’?  (Let’s assume the old way is a form of waterfall. You are waiting to transition them from waterfall, later.)  Assuming for now (for a transition period) some projects must remain in waterfall. […]

When should you NOT use Scrum?

I was asked this question in a class recently.  (When should I not use Scrum?)  I gave an answer, but I want to give a better answer, or at least a different one. To be fair, it is a hard question. And a hard question for me. My personal answer, which I gave, is I […]

Leading Fearless Change

What is the hardest thing about Scrum?  (Maybe in life.) Probably, it is that we must lead change. Getting people to change is difficult. In Scrum, for example, we are trying to change people. The initial big change and then always continuous change. And removing impediments typically requires change. First, we change them to a fully […]

Agile Transformation – 1

I was leading an Intermediate CSPO course last week in Winston-Salem. There were some good questions. One theme was about the agile transformation. The idea is simple, and has many names.  One way to say it: Only by transforming the culture and many of the current ‘ways of doing things’ can a firm realize the […]

Jeff Sutherland video: Basics of Scrum

Nice video. Five minutes. Highly recommended. Complex adaptive systems — an important idea. [The videos were moved around. This seems the best link.] Other great videos on this same page now.

How to rollout Scrum – a summary

In the prior post, I noted that Tom Mellor had a basic objection to this question (How to roll out Scrum). Which was, and I hope I do not misstate it too much, don’t try to roll out something to an organization that does not really want it. He used the other pig metaphor, which […]