Leading Fearless Change

What is the hardest thing about Scrum?  (Maybe in life.)

Probably, it is that we must lead change.

Getting people to change is difficult. In Scrum, for example, we are trying to change people. The initial big change and then always continuous change. And removing impediments typically requires change.

First, we change them to a fully dedicated Team with fewer disruptions, one product, one product backlog, and one product release to focus on. Then, we change them to use Scrum effectively, and to understand self-organization.  And on and on.

Next, difficult impediments. Technical impediments. People issues. Managerial issues. Organizational issues.

At some point they realize that they need to change ‘the culture’.

Here are some resources:

Leading Fearless Change by Mary Lynn Manns and Linda Rising. A good article, 3 pages.

They also have a book, Fearless Change.

Also, Mary Lynn Manns and I would be happy to lead an in-house course on change.

By the way, this course is about change, any change, not just using Scrum or Agile.

More resources later….



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