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Question: More on Agile Contracts

Gabriel asks: Can you suggest a few relevant papers on Agile contracts? I am interested in both the ad-hoc, non-commercial agreements, to maximize, based on Pareto law naive application, the output of PO-development team through collaboration, and the commercial agreements that best support such an objective. I read this: but I would like to […]

Agile Contracts – The Poppendiecks

Here are some additional resources for Agile Contracts: Above is a good presentation by Mary Poppendieck about ‘agile contracts’ via video. From 2011. And above is a slide deck of a presentation by Mary Poppendieck in 2011. Not the same one as the video. And be aware that the Poppendiecks have done many […]

Open Agile Adoption

Open Agile Adoption is an ‘open’ approach to adopting and evolving agile in a given company or group. By ‘open’ we mean that we are engaging the people (who will be changing) in designing the change. We do not mean total chaos.  Management might establish some ‘guardrails’ (eg, we will do Agile as defined in […]

Impediments – Charlotte in-house course

These impediments were identified (some I think are redundant).  Note that some are expressed in quite a different way (eg, some negative, some positive). Dups may indicate that an issue is very important. Legacy Code impacts Allocate the correct people to the team Address Env Issues Define scope / business ask (better) Multiple decision makers […]

A song for the season

In the western world, this is the season of peace. One of my favorite hymns from this time of year is ‘O come, o come Emmanuel’.  Emmanuel means ‘God with us.’ Here is a version by Linda Ronstadt: Below are two verses from the lyrics: O come, Thou Day spring from on high, and […]

Impediments – Charleston

We just completed a CSM course and Agile Release Planning workshop in Charleston.  Here are some of the impediments they identified. They have duplications and they are not in any particular order.  In my opinion, the list should also include automated testing, better continuous integration, and better automated integration/regression testing.  These were issues discussed later […]

What does it mean to be ‘Ready’?

Jeffry Hesse wrote this blog post. [Link now broken.  Sorry!] It inspired me to write the post below. The new Scrum Guide says that PBIs (product backlog items) must be well-understood and granular enough for Sprint Planning. PB Refinement is the process we use to get them to Ready. Those are not quotes, but that […]

Lean-Agile Resources

We have put together some Lean-Agile Resources on these pages. These include:  books, articles, videos, blogs, LinkedIn groups, etc, etc. Please give us your feedback and suggestions.

Scrum 201: Desire

Any sports coach knows the Team must have desire. In my classes I talk to people about how much improvement they expect to make in 1 year, with 1 team.  Often their expectation is in the 20% range. I use Henry Ford’s famous quote: “Whether you think you can, or you can’t, you’re right.”  So, […]

Blue Pill and Red Pill

During a course in Romania, a participant asked me: “don’t you think you are setting false expectations? Scrum may help, but it will not help that much. This sets false expectations and disappoints people.” Good comments. Good concerns. I don’t agree that we are setting false expectations; although I think some issues must be addressed. […]