Public Impediments – Toronto March 2014

Here are the issues this group thought were important.  Many are ‘issues’ in a waterfall model.  The list is not in order of priority, nor necessarily impediments in an Agile model.  Some are vague to us (stated in too few words), but I think they knew what they really meant.  Maybe one or two is expressed in a way I would not use.

  1. Management apathy
  2. Unclear goals
  3. Too much process
  4. Changing requirements
  5. Insufficient people
  6. Work overloaded
  7. Large team
  8. Redundant skill set
  9. Internal competition
  10. Single out individuals
  11. Late request
  12. Project cancelled
  13. Newly formed team
  14. Distributed
  15. More layers (different teams)
  16. Too many scope creeps
  17. Not enough executive engagement
  18. Not good leadership
  19. Delays from vendor
  20. Not enough knowledge in team to solve issues
  21. Tasks not properly assigned to team members
  22. Didn’t allocate enough time for unknowns
  23. Team was told what / when
  24. Management and Execs painting a different picture
  25. Blame / “steamrolling”
  26. Forced to “report” waterfall way
  27. No clear product owner

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