Impediments – Charleston

We just completed a CSM course and Agile Release Planning workshop in Charleston.  Here are some of the impediments they identified. They have duplications and they are not in any particular order.  In my opinion, the list should also include automated testing, better continuous integration, and better automated integration/regression testing.  These were issues discussed later in the course.

  1. Untrained in Scrum
  2. Imposed deadlines
  3. Conflicting, competing priorities
  4. Software tools are down (Env. Issues)
  5. Waiting on Service Contract completion (3rd party)
  6. Lacking skills
  7. Scope creep
  8. Lack of dedicated people
  9. Not considering all that’s involved with project, like testing and deployment
  10. Unreasonable timelines
  11. Learning curve of AngularJS
  12. Micro-management
  13. Unplanned work gets added to sprint so you can never effectively plan
  14. Fragmentation
  15. Uninformed clients
  16. Technology stack
  17. Team & Organization new to Scrum
  18. Diverse data sets
  19. Failing to set client expectations
  20. Unfunded
  21. Misalignment of Work v. Strategy
  22. Poorly managed; no checkpoints, milestones
  23. Culture / language barriers
  24. Poor or lack of requirements
  25. Bad communication
  26. Not sticking to agreed time table
  27. Lack of technical knowledge
  28. Outside development
  29. Lack of knowledge in particular tech
  30. Lack of customer commitment
  31. Client knowledge (lack of?)
  32. Lack of infrastructure
  33. Less than 100% commitment from team
  34. Lack of budget
  35. Design conflict
  36. Unmet dependencies
  37. Changing requirements
  38. Unclear success criteria
  39. Dysfunctional development teams
  40. Unclear roles and responsibilities of Teams / Members
  41. Lack of project support
  42. Unrealistic expectations

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