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Understanding the customer

In my view, one of the key things about Agile is bringing the customer and the team (the implementers) MUCH closer together. So that, for example, the team starts to understand many (most?) of the marketing issues and activities in effect.  (Note: I am using the word “marketing” in the broad MBA sense of the […]

An Intro to Business Value Engineering

On June 30, 2010, while I was in Montreal giving a CSM course, I joined the Scrum User Group and gave a new, somewhat different, presentation on BV engineering. The group seemed to like it, so I am making the point in a more practical, concrete way. Click here to see my presentation.

What does a PO do?

We say a Product Owner (PO) can have a tremendous impact on the success of a team, of the team’s work. Say, by doubling the BV within 6 months. With the recession, we could use that about now. Sounds nice. How is the PO gonna do that? Well, this is a constant effort and it […]

Business Value Communication

In March I did a short workshop on business value engineering at the ScrumGathering in Orlando. Very interesting to me, although it was mainly about the work that the attendees did. As I commented to them, it certainly was not about what I said. It was not even about what they learned in the session. […]

Business Value Engineering Workshop

At the Orlando ScrumGathering, I will do a mini workshop on Business Value engineering. Click here to view my slides. Most of the slide deck is for reference; only a few of the slides will be used in the workshop. The mini workshop is about two exercises: Define at your table “Business Value.” Articulate your […]

Defining Business Value // #2 Customer Smile

Imagine that you want to make a new camera. And in the first release you will make 1,000 cameras and basically “give them away” — to key influences, etc. So, all of that work makes the customer smile. Imagine that the picture to the right is not of Scarlett Johansson. It’s just a girl, and […]

What is Business Value Engineering?

I made a post about Business Value Engineering in AgileBusiness (Yahoo group) that I thought I would edit and then repeat here: QUOTE I have been asked to start a conversation about Business Value Engineering. So, here’s a start: What is it? It is a framework for continuously improving the delivery of Business Value to […]

Business Value Engineering – 3 questions

I want to slightly change my definition of Business Value Engineering (see earlier post). It is the values, principles and practices that we use help us continuously improve the Business Value we deliver. Some questions and answers: Q. “Business Value.” OK, always good. Why add the word “engineering”? A. Scrum says you must always improve […]

Business Value Engineering

Business Value Engineering? What is that? Well, we mean all the practices and work-methods around assuring that more and more Business Value is being delivered to the customer, and the firm satisfies all its constraints (e.g., good return to shareholders). This is based on a key Lean idea. We are trying to optimize the end-to-end flow of […]