What does a PO do?

We say a Product Owner (PO) can have a tremendous impact on the success of a team, of the team’s work. Say, by doubling the BV within 6 months. With the recession, we could use that about now.

Sounds nice.

How is the PO gonna do that?

Well, this is a constant effort and it is not one thing. Each PO does it a different way. Each NFL quarterback plays it a different way, but let’s summarize quickly here:

  • continually improve the BV Engineering theories and practices
  • improve the delivery of the business info into the team
  • become better at correctly telling the team what the customers really want (or will want in the future)
  • optimize, continually, on the 80-20 rule
  • identify the minimal marketable feature set better, and always make it more minimal
  • release earlier — faster
  • express the value of the customer solution so well that the team is totally psyched to do the work
  • continually integrate the business and technical information to make the best possible trade-offs (such as minimizing Technical Debt)

And lastly, seeing and explaining to many people how every one of these activities, when done well together, inter-link and support each other. (Why? A subject for a later post.)

Aside: These and other ideas are discussed in our CSPO course where you can learn more. We are here to help.



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