Business Value Engineering Workshop

At the Orlando ScrumGathering, I will do a mini workshop on Business Value engineering.

Click here to view my slides.

Most of the slide deck is for reference; only a few of the slides will be used in the workshop. The mini workshop is about two exercises:

  1. Define at your table “Business Value.”
  2. Articulate your BV engineering approach (Map, BV Model, Theories, Timeboxes/Feedback loops).

I hope in this way that people will start to see that this framework can be used, and also used to look at all the other great ideas about Business Value that others are discussing. Each of those must be put in the context of an overall framework. This BV framework is that general context.

BV Engineering is a framework, kind of like Scrum and kind of like Lean. So, as in Lean, we ask that people make explicit the BV “cycle” and approach, much as value stream mapping does.

I hope you will find these ideas and practices useful.



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