Scrum Resources I recommend.

There are many Scrum and Agile resources.  What do you need now?

I have written one, which is called “A Scrum Introduction”.  Look under “resources” on

Here’s one, also listed under Resources, that I strongly recommend today.  Scrum at its core is a collection of Patterns.  So, it is in that way part of the Patterns movement.  This is quite important.

The book that describes these patterns the best if A Scrum Book by Jeff Sutherland and James Coplien.  Here’s the link on Barnes & Noble.

The book lists and discusses 94 key patterns behind Scrum.

Two examples:

#11 Product Owner.  “The best product owner is as close to value delivery as possible.”

This seems an obvious role to many.  But I think the a deeper understanding of the role comes out in this book.

#40 Impediment List. One of my favorites. I have been advocating for the Impediment List for years, as a key part of Scrum.

The Team (and others) need a list of “how we are going to improve”.  And we all know that any Team needs to improve.  (Yes, some of the improvements can be “outside” the Team.) And the Impediment List allows us to prioritize and focus.

I will talk about more patterns later.  But that at least starts to help you understand why I think this book is so valuable.

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