Managers and Team Members: Transparency Needed NOW

With the current state of the Coronavirus and responses to it, most knowledge workers are WFH.

Prior to this, many managers could see most of the state of things just by walking around the office and talking to people.  Information and status were fairly visible. (Yes, Agile/Scrum could make things even more visible, but even so, things were fairly visible.)

Now, with almost all knowledge workers WFH, we have different needs.

KEY: Managers need more transparency. Now.

And our guess is that managers feel they have LESS transparency than before.

HOW: You can gain transparency now!  By doing Agile-Scrum professionally, using really good remote working tools, including a well-used Scrum tool (Jira, Version One, Rally, Pivotal Tracker, etc, etc).

I think this can be a real difference maker for managers now.

1. More transparency

2. Teams can self-manage to a high degree (if you have a good team and they do aggressive scrum)

These two things make the manager’s job do-able in the current environment.

This can also make a difference for Team members.  If your manager can see how your Team is productive, you gain the manager’s support and trust.  Lack of transparency does not make the heart grow fonder, in this case.


How we can support:

1. CSM and CSPO courses, done online.  With Agile Release Planning.

And these teach them remote collaboration tools (Zoom and Mural are what we use – and others).

2. Team Level-Up course and workshop.

Again, done online, and this teaches remote collaboration as a Team.


  • Level-set within the Team.  This list (x) is what we will mean by professional agile-scrum.  We agree.
  • Level-up, as in the gaming community.  We will take your Team to a new level of aggressive agile-scrum.  Further, they may agree, within the next 3-6 months to attack some specific impediments (any opportunity for improvement).


3. Remote Working Webinars

Short webinars to teach your team and individuals how to work remotely with the best, and how to collaborate better.  These are coming soon.




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