Renewing Your Certification – How we can help.

We have a earlier post that surveys the Scrum Alliance information on renewal.  Here.

Below are our thoughts and what LeanAgileTraining can do to help you with this.

1. Our Reaction to the Scrum Alliance Rules

We have noticed that human knowledge fades.

To maintain one’s knowledge and ability requires attention, or more work and more learning.

The next obvious thing: There is FAR more to Scrum than can be explained in two days.

Now, do 20 SEUs assure that Amit is equal, pari passu, with Petra?  Well, first, the certification never assured they were equal and neither do the 20 SEUs.  But it is a reasonable human imperfect response to a need.

2. Should you renew?

In my opinion, yes.  The effort is reasonable, the cost is reasonable.

And there is benefit to you.

Can you possibly “get by” without renewing?  The honest answer is yes.  This is not as bad as asking “could I get by by not paying my taxes?”… But it is along the same idea.  You might get by…but should you do it?

3. Why is this important?

Learning so that you could act better or more effectively is good. Acting better or more effectively is definitely good!  It helps us, it helps the Team, it helps the customers.

Can knowledge decay?  Yes, most definitely, and very rapidly.

Is it possible that you are mis-remembering knowledge, and you think you are doing Scrum right, but in fact you are doing it somewhat incorrectly?  As you know, this is very possible, even likely for various reasons.

Particularly, in my opinion, you must renew your understanding of the intentions around Scrum.  Sometimes people speak of these as Values and Principles.  And there are many of these, many more than the 4 lines of the Agile Manifesto and the 12 Agile Principles.  And they are harder, and also in some contradiction.  In real life, you must weigh which ones to apply and which ones to give more weight in a specific situation.  Learning these well is a quest for mastery.

Is there a magic pill to make sure everyone’s knowledge is perfect and everyone’s intention is perfect?  No, of course not.  But we think learning more can help.  The basics of Scrum are quite simple.  But doing it well in your situation is, actually, very hard.  You need many things, and more learning is one of them.

4. Basic Scrum Alliance approach

Scrum Alliance has announced their rules, and many related details.

This was discussed here:

5. What LeanAgileTraining offers – 1

New Courses for SEUs

We are offering new courses for the SEUs, both publicly and inhouse.

These include:

  • The A-CSM (Advanced CSM) course
  • Scaling Workshop
  • Agile Release Planning workshop
  • The CSPO course (certified product owner) (Assuming you took the CSM first.  Or vice versa.)
  • The Team Level-Up Workshop

These are all explained on the website.  Start here:

6. What LeanAgileTraining offers – 2

We encourage you to “renew”.  So we have a Renewal program.  For us, that means you can come to any course again, for “free”.  That is, you have to pay the hotel costs (room and food, mostly).

You can only renew for those courses or workshops you have taken already, with us.

You can get SEU credit and/or you can take the CSM Test again.  (To take the CSM Test again, you must “renew” (take the course again) and also pay us $50, which I pass on to Scrum Alliance — this enables you to take the Test again.)

Please contact us for more information (at or 704-376-8881).

We are here to help you.


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