Renewing your certification / Information from Scrum Alliance

1. Basic Scrum Alliance approach

Scrum Alliance has come up with some practical things.  They are attempts to deal with different issues.

Valid Certification

Scrum Alliance wants everyone to have an up-to-date, valid certification.

Per Scrum Alliance rules, your certification expires after two years.  (The expiration date is shown on your Scrum Alliance profile.)

Get SEUs to renew

To renew your certification, you must obtain SEUs.  Scrum Educational Units (essential the same idea as PDUs, if you know the PMI approach).  And you must pay a fee.

Basically, the SEUs represent the idea that you have new learning in that (2 year) period.

And the idea is that the new learning justifies letting you continue with your certification.

Lots and lots of industries do this kind of thing.  Lawyers, doctors, etc, etc.

Is it perfect?  No.  Does it help?  Probably on average YES.  And, make it be helpful for you.

Here is a page that talks about renewing:

What are the different ways of getting SEUs?

Here is a page that explains the different types of SEUs and gives you ideas of how you can earn SEUs.

Coming to one of our courses is one of them.


2. Additional Information from Scrum Alliance

How many SEUs do I need?

If you are renewing only your CSM or CSPO, you need 20 SEUs.

You earn 8 SEUs per course day or workshop day, normally. These must be earned AFTER you get your CSM or CSPO.

Other situations can be more complex.  Depends on several factors.

For example, say you have BOTH the CSM and the CSPO.

Then see this calculator:

Note: You can also see this general information (not just the calculator) reviewed in this video:

We will try to keep up with this.  We do have more to say about how we can help.

You can email:  Or talk to us.

More soon.

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