Announcements – December 2019

Here are several announcements, briefly listed:

1. Renew your certification.

Here is a blog post discussing renewing your certification:

We recommend you renew your certification.  This blog post gives you most of the essential information.  You can contact us with questions. Or contact

2. Refresher

You can re-take a course from us for “free”.   (It’s not quite free, but close.)  Details explained here:

3. Scaling Workshop

We recently did one in NYC.  Lots of fun, useful.  We will set up a new one.  It is explained some here:

4. Black Friday / Cyber Monday Sale

We sent out flyers about this.  Contact us if you did not get one.  $200 off.

5. Advanced Certified ScrumMaster course

We are doing these.  We recommend them as the next step, to get better with agile-scrum or to become a coach.  See the course list.

6. Webinars.

We are doing video webinars monthly.  Recently on: Building a Great Team.  One in December (to be scheduled).  More info soon.


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