Announcements – August 2020

Here are several announcements, briefly listed:

  • Online Courses/Workshops

We are doing all courses in an online (virtual or remote) format for now.  We do not know how long this will last.  For now, we have changed all the courses in September to “online”.  Frankly, I am slightly hopeful that we might be doing in-person again in September — but that will depend on many factors.  So, it seems unlikely.  For now, we kind of assume it will be later than September before we are doing in-person courses again.

  • Team Level-Up Workshop

This is a workshop to help your team (a) level set amongst everyone in the Team, and (b) level-up, as the gamers use the term.  To move to the next level.  Just did one in July and another in August, and everyone was quite happy.  We did it online.

  • Renew your certification.

Here is a blog post discussing renewing your certification:

We make it easy.

We recommend you renew your certification.  This blog post gives you most of the essential information.  You can contact us with questions. Or contact

  • Refresher

You can re-take a course from us for “free”.   (It’s not completely free, but close.)  Details explained here:

  • Scaling Workshop

We recently did a Scaling Workshop in NYC.  Lots of fun, useful.  We will set up a new one.  It is explained some here:

  • Advanced Certified ScrumMaster course

We are doing these A-CSM courses regularly.  We recommend them as the next step, to get better with agile-scrum or to become a coach.  See the course list.

  • Webinars.

We are doing an almost free video webinars monthly.  August 13 is next up.  We want to address two fairly large areas in each 1-hour webinar.  We would like to address your questions.  So, please give us your questions!  And please come!


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