Renewing your certification – One way

1. Introduction

Here is the simplest way to renew your Scrum Alliance certification. I think.

This follows Scrum Alliance rules.  But if you are in doubt, send an email to  They are the final authority.

2. Situation

a. You have one or more Scrum Alliance certifications.

b. AND, you got at least one of those certifications from us. [Edit: I do not require this any longer.]

c. And your main goal is to renew quickly and easily and relatively cheaply.  (Another goal we recommend: More success with your team or teams.)

3. Renewal rule

If you (re)take any Scrum Alliance certification course, then it renews ALL the certifications you currently have.

For example, if you have a CSM and A-CSM, and you re-take the CSM, then it renews both certifications, and they are renewed for 2 years. (They do not expire for another 2 years.)

Note: In this approach there is no need to discuss SEUs.  Irrelevant in this case.

4. What LeanAgileTraining offers – “The Refresh deal”

You can of course take a new course with us, at the normal prices.  (Examples possibly: The CSPO or the A-CSM.)

OR we currently offer the “refresh” option.

You can re-take the same certification course (16 hours) for $200 (if Online) or $450 (if in-person).  Plus the $50 Scrum Alliance “upload” fee (which covers your 2 year membership). [These fees are subject to change. See here for the latest information.]

If you re-take a CSM course, you do NOT have to take (re-take) the CSM Text.

5. Are there other methods to renew Scrum Alliance certification?

Yes, of course. These are discussed in other blog posts, and at

People often choose this refresh option, because it is quick, easy and relatively inexpensive.  And they get to “re-remember” the course.  Sometimes said as: “I get to re-center on what Scrum really is.”


Contact us to “refresh” or if you have further questions.  Info AT LeanAgileTraining DOT com

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