In-Person Courses – Some comments

We started doing in-person courses again August 2021.

We paused them (partly us, partly the market) for a few months as the Omicron variant passed through.

We are doing In-Person courses again.  As the market demands.  If you are interested, contact us at with questions or comments.


Side Note: We want to be practical and sensible and sympathetic.  If you have some views on this topic, we are happy to discuss and see if we can reach some practical accommodation.


Value of Online courses vs In-Person courses

We have a couple of opinions.

First, the reality.  Human beings are “in-person”, we are real, we are not virtual.

We humans are much more complex than anyone has realized (probably can realize).  So, I think humans do well to be in-person as much as we can.

In-Person with your children, with your family, with friends.

And not living in fear (except for special circumstances).

And also mostly in-person at work.  We are strong advocates that your Team (Scrum is about Teams) should be (mostly) friends.  Get to know them as real people (ok, not everything, not as intimately as your spouse, of course).


We have talked to a lot of people about Online.  For some people, this is very helpful in their situation.  (Lots of situations.)

So we respect that.  We will continue to offer Online courses as far as our eyes can see.

We have worked on our Online courses.  We feel good about them.  They are better than we ever thought they would be.  Better than many others who give Online courses (we are modest, but not that modest).

Still, if you have a choice, I think you will learn more consciously and sub-consciously in an In-Person course.  In-Person courses are a bit more expensive (the company should pay for that), but the value is notably higher.  Well worth the additional expense.

We think Omicron holds VERY little risk for almost everyone.  Of course there are people (older, or with some high risk condition) who have some risk.  We are sympathetic.  We have a niece who is immuno-compromised due to cancer.  Again, we are sympathetic.

Hotel Precautions

Every hotel is still taking some precautions.

We have a good-sized room.  So people can have space.  (We can get you the square-footage per attendee.)

If you are interested in In-Person, but have some concerns, we can ask questions of the other participants.

For example: we can ask if the other participants are vaccinated.  (We have not made that a requirement, but we are ok to make that a requirement for one course, if there is demand for that.  I have had 3 jabs.  We also respect Natural Immunity.)

For an In-Person course it is not feasible for me to wear a mask.  I stand at some distance from the audience, which gives some protection.

We have not insisted that attendees wear a mask.  We do want you to talk and interact.  Which probably means taking off a mask (if you wear one).  Again, if you really care about masks, we are willing to try to gather a group that is willing to all wear a mask.  You certainly are welcome to wear a mask as much as you want.

All hotels have sanitizing gel.  So far, all the hotels have employees who are wearing masks.


If you have further questions, we welcome them.  Call (number above) or email (see above).



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