Kent McDonald: Story Splitting

Kent McDonald has done a lot of good work.  We all should thank him.

Here is one very useful post about story splitting:

Story Splitting

The post includes a slide deck with 21 story-splitting examples.  Very handy.

To me, it is wrong to think of these examples as the end-all-and-be-all.  These are helpful.  Your situation might be different, and the examples might not work well for you.  (One can only try to imagine all the different kinds of products out there.  That you might be working on.  Or “works” that you or others would not think of as products.)

I love that he gave examples.

The first thing is, you see that story splitting is not impossible.

Then you have something to help you get started practicing.

Goethe: “Everything is impossible until it becomes easy.”

And story-splitting is something that almost every new team says is “impossible!”  And it is for them.  But, they learn some ideas, they practice, they learn and get taught more things, they practice some more.  Eventually, it becomes easy.

The issue then changes.  No longer – “Can we break up this Epic?” but rather – “Which is the best way to break up this Epic?”

Kent is on LinkedIn.  You can thank him soon.


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