Information for Agile Carolinas Meeting – April 4th, 2023


Signature Consultants (DISYS)

200 South College Street  – Suite 1400 (on the 14th Floor)

Between 3rd St and 4th.

Note: Building used to be called “the BB&T Building” — signage now says “200 South College Street”.

IF YOU GET LOST: Call 704-651-6852  (Stephanie at Signature Consultants)


Free Food and Free Parking.  Bring your ticket (or at least the number).  If validated, then it’s free.

Some basics:

  • I prefer to drive up Brooklyn Village Ave, turn RIGHT on South College Street.
  • Go just past 3rd St, enter garage on left.
  • Park
  • Take elevator to 3rd floor (ie, Overstreet Mall level). Enter Overstreet Mall.
  • Find elevator bank. Take the 14-22 elevator bank. Select the 14th Floor.
  • Should be easy to find the conference room now.

Directions:  Each of the following docs may help.  You choose.  You may need:

  • Directions to the parking garage.
  • Directions from the garage to the Overstreet Mall to the elevator bank to the 14th Floor.

Pretty complete. Includes picture:

Directions to BBT Garage (Signature)-5-2017

All on one-page. One different picture:

Directions To Signature Consultants-BBT-12-2016

Similar, but somewhat different than above PDFs:

Signature Parking Directions



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